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Strategies for Speed at Scale

Learn how leaders like Disney+ Hotstar, Expedia, and Fanatics are evolving their data architecture for speed at scale.

Innovation requires … innovation

Like so many of our customers’ products, ScyllaDB was born of frustration with legacy approaches. Legacy NoSQL databases were architected for a different age: a different (nascent) cloud, different hardware, different bottlenecks, and even different programming models. By taking a fundamentally different approach to architecting a database, ScyllaDB harnesses the computing power of modern infrastructure.

ScyllaDB’s high availability architecture (asynchronous, shared-nothing, shard-per-core, massively parallelized) enables your applications to deliver near-instant responses, no matter how fast you grow.

7 Design Principles Whitepaper

How We’re Different

7 principles behind ScyllaDB’s deep architectural advancements

Break through barriers to scale

Get started fast. Seamlessly transition from MVP to production to petabyte scale. Code fearlessly, without worrying about database tuning, administration, and backup. And scale as fast as you can, without racking up high costs or incurring the technical burden of node sprawl.

Less time wrestling with the database means more time for delivering amazing experiences.

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Low-latency interactive viewing history at massive scale.

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Instantaneous targeted video recommendations.

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Real-time fraud detection, across daily 6,000,000 transactions.