ScyllaDB Integrations

ScyllaDB is a highly-scalable, high performance NoSQL database perfect for integrations with other big data architecture components.

Ecosystem Integrations
Ecosystem Integrations Storage Integrations

Ecosystem Integrations​

ScyllaDB integrates seamlessly with your favorite big data and cloud application architectural components, either feeding or being fed from it, such as event streaming or analytics platforms.


Apache Spark is the fastest, most powerful and scalable streaming data analytics framework. Many users who deploy Spark deploy ScyllaDB because they are entirely complementary technologies. The ScyllaDB Migrator project is built against Apache Spark.


Apache Kafka is the open source event streaming data platform. ScyllaDB provides an open source sink connector for Apache Kafka.


Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications. ScyllaDB provides a Datadog integration which uses Prometheus format metrics.


Akka allows developers to build highly concurrent distributed and resilient message-driven applications in Java and Scala.
Video-on-demand provider Tubi uses Akka and ScyllaDB for machine learning experimentation.


Presto is a popular, open source, distributed SQL query engine. It is used to run ad-hoc, interactive analytic queries on many data sources. GPS Insight uses Presto with ScyllaDB for data analytics.


Apache Parquet is a popular columnar storage format. Designed for storage efficiency and compression optimization, it is used across many big data ecosystems. You can use the ScyllaDB Spark Migrator to import Parquet files into ScyllaDB, and we are doing work to allow you to even output data from ScyllaDB into Parquet format.

Persistent Datastore Integration

ScyllaDB can be used as a persistent data store for many different application types, extending its use cases to entirely new paradigms such as graph, time series, distributed ledger, and caching.


JanusGraph is an open source distributed graph database that uses the Apache Gremlin/TinkerPop query language. JanusGraph databases backed with ScyllaDB are capable of scaling to billions of objects while maintaining smooth performance.


KairosDB is a general purpose distributed time series database (TSDB) that uses ScyllaDB for a persistent data store. KairosDB includes collectors for Telnet, REST and Graphite, and is extensible through plug-ins.


Newts is a distributed time series database (TSDB) purpose-built for OpenNMS. It is a purpose-built solution using ScyllaDB as an embedded distributed datastore to track network device time series data.


IOTA Chronicle is the permanode solution for IOTA Foundation’s distributed ledger technology. While some nodes in IOTA’s architecture can be ephemeral, IOTA uses ScyllaDB as its distributed persistent datastore in The Tangle.


Valustor is an alternative to memcached using ScyllaDB to provide persistent storage, written in C++.

What Will You Combine with the Power of ScyllaDB?

While we try to keep our ear to the ground when it comes to new and unique use cases for ScyllaDB, we’d love to hear what you are working on in your own projects. We’d invite you to contact us directly if you have a story to share, or join our Slack and our Google group based mailing list to share your work with your industry peers.

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