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ShareChat’s Path to High-Performance NoSQL with ScyllaDB

Geetish Nayak

Senior Staff Engineer at ShareChat
ShareChat modernizes its database infrastructure to handle increasing user engagement while significantly reducing costs.

Tablets: Rethinking Replication

Avi Kivity

Co-Founder & CTO at ScyllaDB
Avi Kivity explains why we’re making a major architecture shift from vNode replication to tablets, provides a look at the implementation and roadmap, and shares how this shift benefits ScyllaDB users.

So You’ve Lost Quorum: Lessons From Accidental Downtime

Bo Ingram

Staff Software Engineer, Persistence Infrastruture at Discord
Bo Ingram dives into an outage with one of Discord’s ScyllaDB clusters to share how to diagnose issues in your clusters and how to avoid making a fault too big to tolerate.

The Strategy Behind ReversingLabs’ Massive Key-Value Migration

Martina Alilović

Software Architect at ReversingLabs
Learn how ReversingLabs migrated more than 300 TB of data, more than 400 services, and data models from their internally-developed key-value database to ScyllaDB seamlessly, and with ZERO downtime.

Discover the Unseen: Tailored Recommendation of Unwatched Content

Charan Kamal

Back End Developer at JioCinema

Harshit Jain

Software Enginner at JioCinema
An inside look at the data architecture behind how JioCinema recommends fresh and relevant content to users.

Real-Time or Analytics Workloads… Why Not Both?

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes

Solutions Architect at ScyllaDB
Learn how you can use Workload Prioritization to run different types of workloads together under a single ScyllaDB cluster, and how to fine-tune priorities and resource allocation based on your specific requirements.

A Benchmark of the DBaaS Market

Daniel Seybold

Chief Technical Officer at benchANT
A new way to compare cloud database-as-a-service options across the rapidly-evolving product landscape.

ScyllaDB Leaps Forward

Dor Laor

Co-Founder & CEO at ScyllaDB
Dor Laor introduces what's new and what's next for ScyllaDB, including a revolutionary tablet architecture, a massive boost, and advancements in ScyllaDB Cloud’s security and elasticity features.

Real-Time Persisted Events at Supercell

Edvard Fagerholm

Senior Server Engineer at Supercell
How Supercell, the game developer behind Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, unified real-time event streaming for a social platform with hundreds of millions of users.

Real-Time Event Processing with CDC

Guilherme Nogueira

Senior Solutions Architect at ScyllaDB
Learn how ScyllaDB’s CDC can be used to enable Real-time Event Processing Systems and explore a wide range of options for getting started with it.

Getting the Most Out of ScyllaDB Monitoring: ShareChat’s Tips

Andrei Manakov

Staff Software Engineer at ShareChat
This practical talk shares how ShareChat works with non-standard ScyllaDB metrics to analyze the remaining cluster capacity, debug performance problems, and more.

Elasticity vs. State? Exploring Kafka Streams Cassandra State Store

Hartmut Armbruster

Software Architect, Developer at Thriving.dev
Learn about a "drop-in" Kafka Streams State Store implementation that persists data to ScyllaDB.

Terraform Best Practices for Infrastructure Scaling

Hila Fish

Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix
Practical Terraform best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and major obstacles to anticipate for successful scaling.

Inside Expedia’s Migration to ScyllaDB for Change Data Capture

Jean Carlo Rivera Ura

NoSQL Database Engineer III at Expedia

Mani Rangu

Database Administrator III at Expedia
A deep dive on Expedia’s migration journey from Cassandra to ScyllaDB, covering the challenges the team needed to overcome as part of their Identity service project.

MongoDB vs ScyllaDB: Tractian’s Experience with Real-Time ML

JP Voltani

Director of Engineering at Tractian
Get practical insights into Tractian’s MongoDB to ScyllaDB migration process, including challenges, lessons learned, and the impact on product performance.

CTO Insights: Steering a High-Stakes Database Migration

Kishore Krishnamurthy

Get the CTO's perspective on a massive, business-critical database migration from Kishore Krishnamurthy, CTO at ZEE5.

Topology on Raft: An Inside Look

Kostja Osipov

Software Team Lead at ScyllaDB
ScyllaDB 6.0 completes the transition to strong consistency for all of the cluster metadata; learn what this means for users.

Cassandra to ScyllaDB: Technical Comparison and the Path to Success

Lewis Carr

Senior Director Product Marketing at ScyllaDB

Paul Preuveneers

Solution Architect at ScyllaDB
What can you expect when migrating from Cassandra to ScyllaDB? This session provides a jumpstart based on what we’ve learned from working with your peers across hundreds of use cases.

ScyllaDB Cloud: Faster and More Flexible

Michael Hollander

Director of Product at ScyllaDB
How ScyllaDB Cloud harnesses infrastructure innovation to manage massive datasets efficiently -- plus what's new and what's next.

Radically Outperforming DynamoDB @ Digital Turbine with SADA and Google Cloud

Miles Ward


Joseph Shorter

VP of Platform Architecture at Digital Turbine
Hear a candid discussion of this high-stakes DynamoDB to ScyllaDB migration, including the impact to cost and performance as well as practical lessons learned.

MongoDB to ScyllaDB: Technical Comparison and the Path to Success

Felipe Cardeneti Mendes

Solutions Architect at ScyllaDB

Pete Aven

Principal Solution Architect at ScyllaDB
What can you expect when migrating from MongoDB to ScyllaDB? This session provides a jumpstart based on what we’ve learned from working with your peers across hundreds of use cases.

ScyllaDB Drivers: Optimizing Performance

Piotr Grabowski

Junior Software Engineer at ScyllaDB
How ScyllaDB Drivers take advantage of the unique ScyllaDB architecture to deliver high performance and low latencies.

Balancing Compaction Principles and Practices

Raphael Carvalho

Senior Software Engineer at ScyllaDB
Learn how to better understand and manage compaction to keep storage consumption under control.

Tracking Millions of Heartbeats on Zee’s OTT Platform

Jivesh Threja

Senior Software Engineer at ZEE5

Srinivas Shanmugam

Principal Architect at ZEE5
How Zee uses ScyllaDB for the Continue Watch and Playback Session features in their OTT platform.

DynamoDB to ScyllaDB: Technical Comparison and the Path to Success

Tim Koopmans

Senior Director, Product Experience at ScyllaDB

Guilherme Nogueira

Senior Solutions Architect at ScyllaDB
What can you expect when migrating from DynamoDB to ScyllaDB? This session provides a jumpstart based on what we’ve learned from working with your peers across hundreds of use cases.

ScyllaDB Kubernetes Operator Goes Global

Tomas Nozicka

Principal Software Engineer at ScyllaDB
Learn the basics about ScyllaDB Operator and its features, including the new manual MultiDC support.

A Deep Dive into ScyllaDB’s Architecture

Tzach Livyatan

VP of Product at ScyllaDB
Take a technical deep dive into ScyllaDB's architecture and discover the "secret sauce" behind our high availability and superior performance.

Why We Chose ScyllaDB over DynamoDB for “User Watch Status”

Yichen Wei

Senior Software Engineer

Adam Drennan

Senior Software Engineer
Discover the architecture and technical requirements behind "user watch status" for a major global media streaming service, the pros and cons of the many options they considered, why they ultimately chose ScyllaDB, and their lessons learned so far.

Cost-Efficient Stream Processing with RisingWave and ScyllaDB

Yingjun Wu

Founder & CEO at RisingWave Labs
A technical look at how to achieve cost-efficient stream processing with ScyllaDB and RisingWave, an open-source distributed streaming database.