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ScyllaDB Summit: For the ScyllaDB Curious + Serious Sea Monsters

Note: ScyllaDB Summit has concluded! Watch top tech talks on demand.

If your team is exploring or using ScyllaDB, we hope you’ll join us for a deep dive into the innovations and strategies that will help you get the most out of it. Attend ScyllaDB Summit (free + virtual) on February 15 and 16.


With 2 days of 25+ sessions, this is your chance to quickly:

  • Discover ScyllaDB’s latest innovations for data-intensive applications and learn what’s on the short-term and long-term roadmap
  • Hear how ScyllaDB is being used by engineers at Discord,  Epic Games, Strava, Sharechat & other gamechangers
  • Get the ScyllaDB engineering perspective on topics like serverless, observability, drivers, consistency algorithms, compaction strategies & our DynamoDB API
  • Explore real-world ScyllaDB integrations and best practices: Pulsar, Flink, Ansible, Quarkus, Quine, all-ARM clusters & more

If you haven’t attended a ScyllaDB virtual conference before, be prepared – this isn’t your typical virtual conference that inflicts death by PowerPoint. It’s highly interactive, including the ability to engage with speakers during their sessions and continue the conversation afterward. There will also be contests, opportunities to connect with your peers from around the world, the announcement of this year’s ScyllaDB Innovation Award winners, and more.

Throughout both days, our tech experts will be available to answer your questions in the ScyllaDB lounge. If you’re a ScyllaDB open source user, this is a great opportunity to get your top questions addressed!

This year’s ScyllaDB Summit agenda features talks across a broad array of topics related to data-intensive applications – NoSQL, SQL, event streaming, Rust, WebAssembly, and more. Here’s a spotlight on the slice of sessions that are geared specifically toward ScyllaDB users and the “ScyllaDB curious.”

Leadership Keynotes

To Serverless and Beyond

Dor Laor, Co-Founder and CEO
This year, a set of technologies we’ve been developing for years graduated together to bring you uncompromised performance, availability and elasticity. In this session, Dor Laor covers the major innovations coming next to ScyllaDB core and ScyllaDB Cloud.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –


The Path to ScyllaDB 5.2

Avi Kivity, Co-Founder and CTO

ScyllaDB co-founder and CTO Avi Kivity will cover 2022 accomplishments and deliveries, including full repair-based-node-operations, distributed aggregation, focusing on goodput at the face of overload, and many other changes.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –


Use ScyllaDB Alternator to Use Amazon DynamoDB API, Everywhere, Better, More Affordable, All at Once

Tzach Livyatan, VP of Product

Alternator is ScyllaDB’s API compatible with Amazon DynamoDB. Alternator allows you to go beyond the AWS perimeter to run your workload everywhere, on any cloud or on premises, without a single line of code change. The session will show how to save costs by moving workloads from Amazon DynamoDB to ScyllaDB Alternator using real-life examples. We will give insight into the Alternator development process and roadmap and demonstrate how to use it on ScyllaDB Cloud for production and your local machine for testing.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –


ScyllaDB Cloud Goes Serverless

Yaniv Kaul, VP of R & D

Learn how ScyllaDB Cloud is moving to serverless, transforming its single tenant deployment model into a multi-tenant architecture based on Kubernetes. Discover the engineering innovation required, and the user value of the new architecture, including use of encryption (both at flight and at rest), performance isolation, and the capability to scale elastically.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –


User Strategies

How Discord Stores Trillions of Messages on ScyllaDB

Bo Ingram, Discord

Learn why and how Discord’s persistence team recently completed their most ambitious migration yet: moving their massive set of trillions of messages from Cassandra to ScyllaDB. Bo Ingram, Senior Software Engineer at Discord, provides a technical look, including:

  • Their reasons for moving from Apache Cassandra to ScyllaDB
  • Their strategy for migrating trillions of messages
  • How they designed a new storage topology – using a hybrid-RAID1 architecture – for extremely low latency on GCP
  • The role of their existing Rust messages service, new Rust data service library, and new Rust data migrator in this project
  • What they’ve achieved so far, lessons learned, and what they’re tackling next

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Bo Ingram, Discord, Senior Software Engineer


ScyllaDB at Strava

Phani Teja Nallamothu, Strava

How Strava uses ScyllaDB Enterprise for a variety of use cases, including a look at how ScyllaDB integrates with their architecture and a deep dive into several use cases.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Phani Teja Nallamothu, Strava, Senior Cloud Engineer


Using ScyllaDB for Distribution of Game Assets in Unreal Engine

Joakim Lindqvist, Epic Games

How Epic Games is using ScyllaDB for distribution of large game assets used by Unreal Engine across the world —enabling game developers to more quickly build great games.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Joakim Lindqvist Epic Games Senior Tools Programmer


Worldwide Local Latency With ScyllaDB

Carly Christensen, ZeroFlucs
How ZeroFlucs uses ScyllaDB and Go to offer low-latency data processing in a geographically distributed way, with each customer’s data always locally available.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – ZeroFlucs Pricing Technology, Carly Christensen, Director of Software Engineering


ShareChat’s Journey Migrating 100TB of Data to ScyllaDB with NO Downtime

Chinmoy Mahapatra & Anuraj Jain, ShareChat

How ShareChat built a live migration framework moving 100TB of data into ScyllaDB (for cost and performance benefits) without any downtime.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Charan Movva, ShareChat, Software Engineer ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Anuraj Jain, ShareChat, Software Engineer


How Proxima Beta Implemented CQRS and Event Sourcing on Top of Apache Pulsar and ScyllaDB

Lei Shi, Zhiwei Peng, Zhihao Chen – Proxima Beta, Tencent IEG Global

How Level Infinite uses ScyllaDB as the state store of the Proxima Beta gaming platform’s service architecture, including strategies for globally replicating data to simplify configuration management and using time window compaction strategy to power a distributed queue-like event store.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Lei Shi, Level Infinite, Principal Software Engineer ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Zhiwei Peng, Senior Security Engineer ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Zhihao Chen, Level Infinite, Senior Security Engineer


Building a 100% ScyllaDB Shard-Aware Application using Rust

Alexys Jacob, Yassir Barchi, Joseph Perez – Numberly

Numberly’s experience designing and operating a distributed, idempotent, and predictable application 100% based on ScyllaDB’s low-level shard-aware topology using Rust.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Alexys Jacob Chief Technical Officer at Numberly ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Yassir Barchi, Numberly, Lead Software Engineer ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –


Making the Most Out of ScyllaDB’s Awesome Concurrency at Optimizely

Brian Taylor, Optimizely

Optimizely’s client-side strategies for taking full advantage of ScyllaDB’s concurrency while also guaranteeing correctness and protecting quality of service.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Brian Taylor, Optimizely, Tech Lead


Scalable and Resilient Security Ratings Platform with ScyllaDB

Nguyen Cao, Security Scorecard

How SecurityScorecard, a global leader in cybersecurity ratings, uses ScyllaDB for a database with low query latency, real-time data ingestion, fault tolerance, and high scalability—including their migration process from Redis + Presto + Aurora and lessons learned.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Nguyen Cao, Security Scorecard, Staff Data Engineer


From Postgres to ScyllaDB: Migration Strategies and Performance Gains

Sebastian Vercruysse & Dan Harris, Coralogix

How Coralogix shrank query processing times from 30 seconds (not a typo) to 86 ms by moving from Postgres to ScyllaDB.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 - Sebastian Vercruysse, Coralogix Senior Software Engineer ScyllaDB Summit 2023 - Dan Harris, Coralogix, Principal Software Engineer


Key-Key-Value Store: Generic NoSQL Datastore with Tombstone Reduction & Automatic Partition Splitting

Stephen Ma, Discord

Discover Discord’s approach to more quickly and simply onboarding new data storage use cases with their key-value store service that hides many ScyllaDB-specific complexities–like schema design and performance impacts from tombstones and large partitions–from developers.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Stephen Ma, Discord, Senior Software Engineer


Aggregations at Scale for ShareChat Using Kafka Streams and ScyllaDB

Charan Movva, ShareChat

How ShareChat handles the aggregations of a post’s engagement metrics/counters at scale with sub-millisecond P99 latencies for reads and writes.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Charan Movva, ShareChat, Software Engineer


ScyllaDB Engineering

Raft After ScyllaDB 5.2: Safe Topology Changes

Konstantin Osipov, ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB’s drive towards strongly consistent features continues, and in this talk I will cover the upcoming implementation of safe topology changes feature: our rethinking of adding and removing nodes to a ScyllaDB cluster.

Quickly assembling a fresh cluster, performing topology and schema changes concurrently, quickly restarting a node with a different IP address or configuration – all of this has become possible thanks to a centralized – yet fault-tolerant – topology change coordinator, the new algorithm we implemented for Scylla 5.3. The next step would be automatically changing data placement to adjust to the load and distribution of data – our future plans which I will touch upon as well.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –Kostja Osipov, ScyllaDB, Director Software Engineering


Squeezing the Most Out of the Storage Engine with State of the Art Compaction

Raphael S. Carvalho, ScyllaDB

Log Structured Merge (LSM) tree storage engines are known for very fast writes. This LSM tree structure is used by ScyllaDB to immutable Sorted Strings Tables (SSTables) on disk. These fast writes come with a tradeoff in terms of read and space amplification. While compaction processes can help mitigate this, the RUM conjecture states that only two amplification factors can be optimized at the extent of a third. Learn how ScyllaDB leverages RUM conjecture and controller theory, to deliver a state-of-the-art LSM-tree compaction for its users.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –Raphael Carvalho, ScyllaDB, Software Engineer


Optimizing ScyllaDB Performance via Observability

Amnon Heiman, ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB already does a great job at basic performance optimization at install time and run-time, with IO tuning for your SSDs and real-time dynamic IO and CPU scheduling. Yet there’s more that you, as a user, can do by observing ScyllaDB’s operations. Learn how to get the most out of your database by using these open source tools, techniques and best practices.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –Amnon Heiman, ScyllaDB, Principal Software Engineer


Building Next Generation Drivers: Optimizing Performance in Go and Rust

Piotr Grabowski

Optimizing shard-aware drivers for ScyllaDB has taken multiple initiatives, often requiring a complete rewrite from scratch. Learn the work undertaken to improve the performance of ScyllaDB drivers for both Go and Rust, plus how the Rust code base will be used as a core for drivers with other language bindings going forward. The session highlights performance increases obtained using techniques available in the respective programming languages, including shaving performance off Google’s B-tree implementation with Go generics, and using the asynchronous Tokio framework as the basis of a new Rust driver.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –Piotr Grabowski, ScyllaDB, Junior Software Engineer


Retaining Goodput with Query Rate Limiting

Piotr Dulikowski, ScyllaDB

Distributed systems are usually optimized with particular workloads in mind. At the same time, the system should still behave in a sane way when the assumptions about workload do not hold – notably, one user shouldn’t be able to ruin the whole system’s performance. Buggy parts of the system can be a source of the overload as well, so it is worth considering overload protection on a per-component basis. For example, ScyllaDB’s shared-nothing architecture gives it great scalability, but at the same time makes it prone to a “hot partition” problem: a single partition accessed with disproportionate frequency can ruin performance for other requests handled by the same shards. This talk will describe how we implemented rate limiting on a per-partition basis which reduces the performance impact in such a case, and how we reduced the CPU cost of handling failed requests such as timeouts (spoiler: it’s about C++ exceptions).

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Piotr Dulikowski ScyllaDB Senior Software Engineer


Integrations and Ecosystem

CI/CD for Data – Building Data Development Environment with lakeFS

Vinodhini S Duraisamy, Treeverse

How to use lakeFS and ScyllaDB to quickly set up a development environment and use it to develop/test data pipelines and products, including best practices for safety and automation.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Vinodhini S Duraisamy, Treeverse, Developer Advocate


Integrating ScyllaDB with Quarkus

Joao Martins, iFood

How Joao Martins from iFood, Brazil’s top food delivery company, integrates two powerful cloud native technologies: ScyllaDB and Quarkus.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – João Martins, iFood, Software Engineer


Sink Your Teeth into Streaming at Any Scale

Timothy Spann & David Kjerrumgaard, StreamNative

How to build a low-latency scalable platform for today’s massively data-intensive real-time streaming applications using ScyllaDB, Pulsar, and Flink.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Timothy Spann, SteamNative, Developer Advocate ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – David Kjerrumgaar, SteamNative, Developer Advocate


x86-less ScyllaDB: Exploring an All-ARM Cluster

Keith McKay, ScaleFlux & Mike Bennet, Ampere

How ScyllaDB performs on Ampere ARM-powered servers and ScaleFlux fast SSDs, as well as how to get the most out of your storage using ScaleFlux’s built-in compression and ScyllaDB’s Incremental Compaction Strategy.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Keith McKay, ScaleFlux, Senior Director ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Mike Bennet, Ampere Computing, Solution Architect


Maximum Uptime ScyllaDB Cluster Orchestration with Ansible

Ryan Ross

How to orchestrate your ScyllaDB clusters with confidence using Ansible, including tangible code snippets to help operators and developers safely make changes to their ScyllaDB clusters. These are tips learned the hard way in production so you don’t have to.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Ryan Ross, dbt Labs, Senior Site Reliability Engineer


Build Low Latency, Windowless Event Processing Pipelines with Quine and ScyllaDB

Matthew Cullum, thatDot

How to build an event processing pipeline that scales to millions of events per second with sub-millisecond latencies while ingesting multiple streams and demonstrates resilient in the face of host failures.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Matthew Cullum, thatDot, Director of Engineering


Developing Enterprise Consciousness: Building Modern Open Data Platforms

Rahul Xavier Singh, Anant

How modern open source tools can help synchronize data across applications and open data platforms using low-code ETL/ReverseETL tools. Anant introduces a reference stack that can help you integrate ScyllaDB in your data platform.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Rahul Xavier Singh, Anant Corporation, Business Platform Architect



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