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ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Agenda Announced

Note: ScyllaDB Summit has concluded! Watch top tech talks on demand.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to register for ScyllaDB Summit 2023 right now. Because it’s an online event you won’t want to miss!


For those who have attended our prior ScyllaDB Summits, or one of our P99 CONF events, you know ScyllaDB can throw a great online show! Thousands of you registered for our past events, and we look forward to meeting up with all our old friends and industry colleagues. Yet we also want to make ScyllaDB Summit inclusive to newcomers, because more people are discovering our database than ever before.

For those who are new to ScyllaDB, the NoSQL database, and to ScyllaDB, the company behind it, we’d love to make your acquaintance! So let’s go over what we have in store for you.

ScyllaDB Summit is our annual conference, filled with talks from our open source users and commercial customers, as well as ScyllaDB’s own technical leaders and innovators. Over two days you will be introduced to gamechangers and their industry-revolutionizing use cases, to new architectures and programming paradigms emerging in cloud computing, and to the latest developments in ScyllaDB that enable your innovation.


Wednesday, February 15th

Dor Laor ScyllaDb Summit 2023 Speaker

Dor Laor, ScyllaDB Co-Founder and CEO will be talking about To Serverless and Beyond. Discover all the innovations coming to ScyllaDB and ScyllaDB Cloud.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Bo Ingram, Discord, Senior Software Engineer

Discord’s Senior Software Engineer Bo Ingram will be presenting on How Discord Migrated Trillions of Messages from Cassandra to ScyllaDB.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Phani Teja Nallamothu, Strava, Senior Cloud Engineer

Strava’s Phani Teja Nallamothu will discuss ScyllaDB at Strava. Learn how they came to embrace it, shrinking their clusters and easing their administrative burden.

Avi Kivity ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker

Avi Kivity, ScyllaDB Co-Founder and CTO will discuss <em>The Road to ScyllaDB 5.2</em>, covering Repair Based Node Operations (RBNO) and how ScyllaDB distributes aggregations.

Tzach Livyatan ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Seaker

Tzach Livyatan, ScyllaDB VP of Product, will show how to Use ScyllaDB Alternator to Use Amazon DynamoDB API, Everywhere, Better, More Affordable, All at Once.

Thursday, February 16th

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker –

Yaniv Kaul, ScyllaDB’s VP of R&D, is talking about ScyllaDB Goes Serverless, transforming its deployment to a multi-tenant architecture based on Kubernetes.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Ramiro del Corro, Hulu, Senior Software Engineer Lead

Hulu’s Ramiro del Corro will discuss How Hulu Serves Dynamic Live Streams at Scale. Discover how and why they moved their systems to ScyllaDB.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Joakim Lindqvist Epic Games Senior Tools Programmer

Epic Game’s Joakim Lindqvist will reveal how they are Using ScyllaDB for Distribution of Game Assets in Unreal Engine to revolutionize the way games are produced.

ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Peter Zaitsev, Percona, Founder

Percona Founder Peter Zaitsev will focus on industry-wide transformations in The Database Trends that are Transforming Your Database Infrastructure Forever.

Check out the Whole Agenda!

We have many more speakers in concurrent sessions as well as extensive on-demand content. Tons of lessons learned, insights, and technical breakthroughs you won’t want to miss. Check out the full agenda and register now.




About Peter Corless

Peter Corless is the Director of Technical Advocacy at ScyllaDB. He listens to users’ stories and discovers wisdom in each to share with other practitioners in the industry at large, whether through blogs or in technical presentations. He occasionally hosts live industry events from webinars to online conferences.