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Database Monsters: Learn from Experts Changing the Game at ScyllaDB Summit 2022

Learn how disruptors are powering the data-intensive apps for this next tech cycle — at ScyllaDB Summit 2022, streaming live on February 9+10.

ScyllaDB Summit is an immersive and highly-interactive opportunity to discover the latest distributed database advancements, hear how your peers are solving their toughest database challenges, learn what’s new with ScyllaDB, and explore the latest trends across the broader data ecosystem.

This year’s agenda is already shaping up quite nicely. We’ll be unveiling all the details soon. In the meantime, here’s a preview: an introduction to several speakers and a taste of what they’ll be talking about.

Update:  ScyllaDB Summit 2022 is a wrap! All the on-demand recordings and speaker slide decks are available now. 


Bryan Cantrill – CTO and Co-Founder of Oxide Computer Company

Bryan CantrillBryan is a software engineer who has spent a quarter of a century at the hardware/software interface. He’s currently at Oxide Computer Company, which is endeavoring to build a rack-scale computer for the post-cloud era.

There are no words to capture the energy and the engaging discussion that Bryan brought to P99CONF. We’re excited to invite him back, sharing his perspective on this next tech cycle.


Daniel Belenky – Principal Software Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Daniel Belenky

Daniel is an experienced software developer who is currently developing Palo Alto Networks’ fast data processing solutions. (In case you’re not familiar with Palo Alto Networks, it’s a global cybersecurity leader that helps address the world’s greatest security challenges with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration.)

Daniel will be sharing how Palo Alto Networks is using ScyllaDB to process terabytes of events — using ScyllaDB as a high-performance, low latency database and as a message queue — reducing operational costs and simplifying their deployment.

Miles Ward – CTO at SADA + Jenn Viau – Staff Solutions Architect, SADA

Miles leads the cloud strategy and solutions capabilities at SADA. He focuses on delivering next-generation solutions to challenges in big data and analytics, application migration, infrastructure automation, and cost optimization; reinforcing their engineering culture; and engaging with customers on their most complex and ambitious plans around Google Cloud.

Jenn is passionate about exploring new approaches, tools, and methodologies and helping people find the “right” way and “right” tooling to get things done.

Miles and Jenn will be teaming up for a detailed, data-filled exploration of the complexities and constraints of modern multi-cloud and hybrid scenarios, rooted in the pursuit of almighty uptime and SLO adherence. In a detailed architectural review, they’ll show what worked, and what didn’t. There will also be a live demo of a hybrid and multi-cloud ScyllaDB-powered application on top of Google Anthos.

Robert McIntosh – Principal Engineer at NXCR

Robert McIntosh is Principal Engineer at the groundbreaking mobility platform NXCR, a vehicle subscription startup that makes mobility flexible, affordable, and fully digital. Robert was a key engineer with Zappos and in general an expert on data-driven systems and architectures. He’s been the key engineer to design and build the Autonomy platform.

Robert will be sharing why and how NXCR, a vehicle subscription startup, has paired ScyllaDB with an event streaming architecture. He will discuss how ScyllaDB can be used to architect an event streaming system that is easy to deploy, scalable, and yet easier to manage than other solutions.

José Manuel Cantera – Technical Analyst & Project Lead at IOTA Foundation

José is currently leading and contributing projects focused on the adoption and standardization of the IOTA Distributed Ledger in different industrial domains. IOTA envisions a future where every single trade item in the supply chain is tracked and its provenance sourced, including circular economy scenarios.

At ScyllaDB Summit, José will share the main technical challenges faced, referencing architectures involving IOTA Tangle and ScyllaDB and their instantiation within particular use cases such as the digitization of trade corridors in the East Africa region.

Hili Shtein – Chief Software Architect, DataOne, Platform BU, Amdocs Technology

Hili leads the product transformation of a next-generation microservices-based platform and heads ML-based pipeline development at Amdocs, a leading software & services provider to communications & media companies. He previously served as Chief Architect for Pontis, where he headed the product evolution to include the use of advanced ML techniques.

At ScyllaDB Summit, Hili will be sharing his experiences with Amdocs’ data pipelines that process and transform billions of mobile subscriber events every day. He’ll provide a quick overview of Amdocs’ unique transformation process, how they selected the target architecture for their Data Management’s platform architecture, challenges they encountered, how ScyllaDB fits into their strategy, and the ultimate impact of their approach.

Ken Krupa – Head of Specialized Solutions Architecture, the Americas, at AWS

Ken is part of a group of talented specialists within AWS’s Compute organization who help customers (as well as fellow Amazonians) get the most benefit out of the products within the AWS Compute portfolio.

Ken will be joined onstage with ScyllaDB’s VP of Product, Tzach Livyatan, to co-present the results of ScyllaDB working on the latest generation of AWS EC2 compute-oriented instance families: the brand new Intel Xeon Ice Lake-powered I4i, and the Graviton2-powered I3g. Discover why these new AWS instance families are perfect for running your distributed database workloads using ScyllaDB.

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We’ll also be featuring 20+ additional speakers and sessions where you can learn about all the latest database innovations and best practices:

  • See what’s new with ScyllaDB: Explore the latest features, hear what’s next on our roadmap, and learn proven ScyllaDB success strategies.
  • Get inspired by your peers: Learn about mission-critical ScyllaDB deployments from the ScyllaDB community. Users will share Cybersecurity, AdTech, FinTech, AI, IoT, and many more real-time use cases.
  • Evolve your data ecosystem: Learn best practices for optimizing your data ecosystem: Kafka, Spark, AI/ML pipelines, JanusGraph, Elastic, and more.
  • Thrive in this next tech cycle: The world is undergoing a massive shift to cloud-native, blink-of-an-eye response, petabyte-scale application. Learn what’s critical for driving change and staying ahead.

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