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ScyllaDB Manager 1.2 Release Announcement

ScyllaDB Software Release

The ScyllaDB Enterprise team is pleased to announce the release of ScyllaDB Manager 1.2, a production-ready release of ScyllaDB Manager for ScyllaDB Enterprise customers.

ScyllaDB 1.2 focuses on a better control of repair tasks scope, allowing users to run repairs on a subset of Data Centers (DC), keyspaces, and tables, easier deployment, and setup, and improvements in security.

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Upgrade to ScyllaDB Manager 1.2

Read the upgrade guide carefully. In particular, you will need to redefine scheduled repairs. Please contact ScyllaDB Support team for help in installing and upgrading ScyllaDB Manager.

New features in ScyllaDB Manager 1.2

Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16 packages

ScyllaDB Manager is now available for Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16.

Improved Repair Granularity

In previous releases, one could only use ScyllaDB Manager to run a cluster-wide repair. Starting with ScyllaDB Manager 1.2, scheduled and ad-hoc repairs can be limited to:

  • One or more DataCenters (DC), with --dc flag
  • One node (host) with --host flag
  • Repair with a subset of hosts with –with-hosts flag
  • Repair primary or non-primary token ranges with –token-ranges [pr|npr] flag
  • Keyspace (existed in ScyllaDB Manager 1.1 with a different syntax)
  • Table (existed in ScyllaDB Manager 1.1 with a different syntax)

For example, the above elements can be used to:

  • Run a local DC Repair
  • Repair a specific node, for example after a node restart
  • Repair only a restarted node, and all nodes with overlapping token ranges

For more on running a granularity repair see sctool 1.2 reference, and below on sctool updates

Sctool updates

  • You now need to provide only one node IP when adding a new cluster. For example
    sctool cluster add --host= --name=prod-cluster
  • New flags in sctool:
    • --dc, --host, --with-hosts, --token-ranges (see more granular repair above)
    • --fail-fast: Stops the repair process on the first error
  • sctool allows selecting multiple keyspace and table using glob pattern matching, For example:
  • Repair only US East DC:
    sctool repair --cluster mycluster --dc dc-us-east
  • Repair all US DCs, but US West:
    sctool repair --cluster mycluster --dc dc-us-*, !dc-us-west
  • Repair subset of Keyspaces:
    sctool repair --cluster mycluster -K mykeyspaces-*
  • Repair subset of Keyspaces: sctool repair
    --cluster mycluster -K mykeyspace
  • sctool task start: a new --continue flag allow resuming the task from where it last stopped, not from the start.


  • One of the common problems with adding a managed ScyllaDB cluster to ScyllaDB Manager was the task of creating a scylla-manager user and sharing the ScyllaDB Manager public key to all ScyllaDB node. With ScyllaDB Manager 1.2 this task is greatly improved with the introduction of the new scyllamgr_ssh_setup script. Read more about the new script and how to manage a new cluster with ScyllaDB Manager 1.2
  • Two optional new parameters for sctool command ‘cluster add’: ssh-user and ssh-identity-file, allow you to specify a different SSH key and user per cluster
  • ScyllaDB Manager now uses HTTPS by default to access with ScyllaDB nodes REST API. Note that ScyllaDB REST API is still bound to a local IP only, and ScyllaDB Manager uses SSH to connect to the node.


ScyllaDB Grafana Monitoring 2.0 now includes ScyllaDB Manager 1.2 dashboard

The following metrics have been updated in ScyllaDB Manager 1.2

  • Total run tasks metrics definition have changed the name from “status_total” to “run_total”
  • In subsystem “repair” “unit” has changed the name to “task”
  • In subsystem “repair” “keyspace” has been added

The following metric has been removed in ScyllaDB Manager 1.2

  • Subsystem “log” has been removed

About ScyllaDB Manager

ScyllaDB Manager adds centralized cluster administration and recurrent task automation to ScyllaDB Enterprise. ScyllaDB Manager 1.x includes automation of periodic repair. Future releases will provide rolling upgrades, recurrent backup, and more. With time, ScyllaDB Manager will become the focal point of ScyllaDB Enterprise cluster management, including a GUI frontend. ScyllaDB Manager is available for all ScyllaDB Enterprise customers. It can also be downloaded from for a 30-day trial.

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