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Snapfish’s Journey Towards Scylla


Snapfish is an industry leader in photo retail with over 100 million members storing over 100PB of data. On a peak shopping day, Snapfish processes 100,000 reads and 7,000 writes per minute. Based on their workload, they need a database that accommodates their high volume but were increasingly finding that their database system was not meeting their performance and scaling needs. They began a search for alternatives and evaluated Scylla as a possible solution.

In their evaluation, they tested design and setup, performance under current operations, and performance scalability to see how Scylla would perform as their business grows. Very impressed with the results, they presented their findings at Scylla Summit 2017.

When Snapfish evaluated Scylla for performance, it was clear that Scylla managed their hardware more efficiently than their previous database. The image below shows a performance test that they ran on their current operational workloads on Scylla. As you can see, Snapfish was able to maximize their CPU usage and get better IOPS.



Snapfish concluded that “Scylla just may be the world’s fastest NoSQL Database”—five times faster than their current setup. Migrating to Scylla is simple for Snapfish because it supports all of the functions and features that they need. Scylla will also help them reduce costs because the licensing is far less than what their current technology charges for upgrades.

You can watch the video above to see the entire presentation from Scylla Summit 2017. You can also view the slides from the talk below:

Want to try Scylla and run your own performance tests? You can take Scylla for a test drive and quickly spin-up a running cluster of Scylla to see for yourself how it performs.