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New Release: Scylla Enterprise 2017.1.2


The Scylla team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla Enterprise 2017.1.2, a production-ready Scylla Enterprise minor release.

Scylla Enterprise 2017.1.2 is a bug fix release for the 2017.1 branch, the latest stable branch of Scylla Enterprise.

The 2017.1 branch is based on Scylla open source 1.6 and includes backports bug fixes from upstream releases (1.7, 2.0, 2.1) as well as enterprise-only bug fixes.

Read more about Scylla Enterprise here.

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Scylla Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to Scylla Enterprise 2017.1.2 and are welcome to contact our support with questions.

Noteworthy bug fixes

  • A rare race condition may cause Scylla to exit with “Assertion `_state != state::future’ failed.” message #2697
  • Repair: Do not allow repair until node is in NORMAL status #2723
  • Generating sstable sharding metadata can cause long latencies #2707
  • Nodetool refresh is stuck when respective column family is being loaded in parallel #2769
  • Coordinator-side speculative retry does not use read latency measurements from replicas #2757

Notable additions

  • scyllarepair – the recurrent repair script is delivered as part of the Scylla Enterprise packages
  • Scylla stall detector and the large allocation detector are delivered as part of the Scylla Enterprise 2017.1.2

Both tools report to the log and will help Scylla support team to identify potential issues.

Tzach Livyatan

About Tzach Livyatan

Tzach Livyatan has a B.A. and MSc in Computer Science (Technion, Summa Cum Laude), and has had a 15 year career in development, system engineering and product management. In the past he worked in the Telecom domain, focusing on carrier grade systems, signalling, policy and charging applications.