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Our Acquisition of Seastar.io DBaaS Technology


In case you missed the news, on Tuesday we announced our acquisition of Seastar.io database-as-a-service technology from our partner Network Redux.

This acquisition was in response to the growing requests we’ve received for cloud-hosted Scylla. As part of our enterprise product and service portfolio, core Seastar.io technology will enable developers to use fully managed Scylla over popular public clouds such as AWS, GCE, and Azure.

We’re excited to now make it even easier for our users to gain the benefits of DBaaS, such as rapid provisioning, scalability, standardization, lower hardware and software costs, and reduced administration resources.

I’d like to add that Seastar.io was the right solution at the right time. We’ve been looking at Seastar.io since it first emerged with the explicit goal of solving the automation and security challenges users face when deploying stateful, container-native, Apache Cassandra-compatible databases in the cloud. With this technology, you can have a Scylla cluster up and running in minutes with a dashboard and API that simplify the provisioning process.

As an early-bird integration of Seastar.io, we present Scylla Test Drive. Scylla Test Drive allows you to get an up-and-running cluster of 3 server machines (i3.4xl on AWS) and 8 loader machines, and log in to a private benchmark… all with a single click. You can login to the machines using SSH and modify the running load to match your use case. The machines are yours for an hour. As we complete the integration of Seastar.io (later in 2018), Scylla will add a fully self-service product to our portfolio.

We’ll show off our new DBaaS capabilities (and much more!) next week at our Scylla Summit 2017. If you haven’t yet registered, please take the time do so. We hope to see you there!

Dor Laor

About Dor Laor

Dor Laor is co-founder and CEO of ScyllaDB. Previously, Dor was part of the founding team of the KVM hypervisor under Qumranet that was acquired by Red Hat. At Red Hat Dor was managing the KVM and Xen development for several years. Dor holds an MSc from the Technion and a Phd in snowboarding.