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Highlights from ScyllaDB Summit Day One

ScyllaDB Summit in session

We had a great first day at ScyllaDB Summit 2017, with highly technical talks by presenters from around the globe, lots of valuable networking, and some time for fun.

We kicked things off with our CEO and co-founder Dor Laor and our chairman Benny Schnaider sharing their vision for ScyllaDB. This was also our opportunity to announce ScyllaDB 2.0. Our latest release is a big step toward the first autonomous NoSQL database—one that dynamically tunes itself to varying conditions while always maintaining a high level of performance.

ScyllaDB Summit Day 1

We had great customer talks, too. Nayden Kolev of mParticle stepped us through their journey from Apache Cassandra to ScyllaDB, and how they now process 50 billion monthly messages with full performance and availability.

ScyllaDB CTO Avi Kivity gave a keynote on how ScyllaDB has evolved. He discussed new features in ScyllaDB 2.0—including Materialized Views and Heat-Weighted Load Balancing, changes in monitoring—and shared our product roadmap. He also talked about our recent acquisition of and how it will enable us to deliver a database-as-a-service offering.

One of the more popular talks was by Glauber Costa of ScyllaDB, who delved into how we got to 1-millisecond latency in 99% of repair, compaction, and flushes.

Our fast-paced Ignite Talks covered important ScyllaDB features and concepts from engineers at ScyllaDB. The first batch of talks covered new features in ScyllaDB 2.0 such as Scalable Secondary Indexes and a deep dive on Heat-Weighted Load Balancing. The remaining talks covered Gocqlx-a productivity toolkit for ScyllaDB and Apache Cassandra, and a deep-dive on ScyllaDB Enterprise Managed Repair.

In our breakout sessions, concurrent sessions covered a wide array of important topics—from ScyllaDB as the JanusGraph database backend to running ScyllaDB on a PB-level big data platform. We had a number of sessions on performance tuning ScyllaDB to further reduce latency and save money.

Watching a demo at ScyllaDB Summit

We ended our day with live demos and a lively networking event.

We’d like to give big thanks to our day one speakers. All of their presentations will be available on our SlideShare account shortly, and we’ll have videos of their talks on our website in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for second-day highlights, coming soon!

Attendees enjoying happy hour