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Avi Kivity at Percona Live

Avi Kivity, CTO of ScyllaDB, will present a talk on ScyllaDB, a distributed Cassandra-compatible NoSQL database in excess of a million requests per second per node at the upcoming Percona Live conference in Santa Clara, California. Avi will cover how ScyllaDB applies systems programming techniques to a horizontally scalable NoSQL design to achieve extreme performance improvements—and, of course, our latest benchmark results that compare ScyllaDB and Cassandra performance on the YCSB benchmark.

Avi and Tzach
Avi Kivity explains how ScyllaDB’s thread-per-core design can give a 10x performance improvement over conventional Cassandra.

The Percona Live show runs from April 18-21 at the magnificent Santa Clara Convention Center. Avi will be speaking on April 19th at 2:20. If you have any questions about ScyllaDB design, usage, or future direction, Santa Clara is the place to be.


Visit the Percona Live site to learn more and sign up for the event.

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