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ScyllaDB release: version 1.0.1

ScyllaDB Software Release

The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce the release of ScyllaDB 1.0.1
This is a bug fixing release of ScyllaDB 1.0 stable branch.
1.0.1, like all future 1.x.y releases is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrade.

The following bugs has been fix:

  • An error message generated when a malformed SSTable is read may be formatted incorrectly in ScyllaDB 1.0.0 #1122
  • ScyllaDB 1.0.0 was not able to read SSTables generated by some older versions of Apache Cassandra under certain circumstances #1136
  • Digests of data queries may mismatch even though mutation queries return equal mutations #1165. This can cause excessive latency during read queries, especially with multiple data centers
  • memory.objects collectd counter reported incorrect counts Seastar #139
  • Memory allocator was made more robust in the face of oversized allocations
  • Network interface configuration script now auto-detects whether to use multi-queue or single-queue mode #1126
  • Network interface configuration script now supports bonded interfaces #891
  • Some misleading log messages were removed from the internal REST HTTP server
  • Internal low-resolution clock was not initialized properly Seastar #130
  • The URL to documentation provided by the scylla_io_setup utility was incorrect

Get started with ScyllaDB 1.0.1 here.
Please let us know if you encounter any problem.


Full list of ScyllaDB 1.0.1 contributions

Avi Kivity (2):
      Update seastar submodule to point to scylla-seastar
      Update seastar submodule (branch-1.0)

Glauber Costa (1):
      sstables: fix exception printouts in check_marker

Gleb Natapov (1):
      commitlog, sstables: enlarge XFS extent allocation for large files

Nadav Har'El (2):
      sstables: merge range tombstones if possible
      sstables: overhaul range tombstone reading

Pekka Enberg (1):
      release: prepare for 1.0.1

Tomasz Grabiec (11):
      mutation_query: Extract main part of mutation_query() into more generic querying_reader
      database: Compact mutations when executing data queries
      tests: result_set_assertions: Add and_only_that()
      partition_slice_builder: Add new setters
      tests: mutation_test: Add test case for querying of expired cells
      tests: mutation_test: Move mutation generator to mutation_source_test.hh
      tests: mutation_source: Include random mutations in generate_mutation_sets() result
      tests: Add test for query digest calculation
      mutation_partition: Fix reversed trim_rows()
      mutation_partition: Fix static row being returned when paginating
      tests: cql_query_test: Add test for slicing in reverse

About ScyllaDB Team

ScyllaDB is the world’s fastest wide-column store database: the functionality of Apache Cassandra with the speed of a light key/value store.