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Predictable Performance at Scale

ScyllaDB’s close-to-the-metal architecture handles millions of ops/sec with predictable single-digit millisecond latencies.


Rest assured that your database won’t violate your SLAs or budget, no matter what load you throw at it

Low Latency

Our low-level design plus adaptive capabilities for prioritizing latency-sensitive tasks keeps P99s predictably low

High Throughput

Sustain millions of ops/sec with low P99s. No item or partition size limits, no throttling down your workloads

Predictable Cost

Our pricing is consistent, transparent and highly competitive. High performance and low admin overheads keep costs down


Designed from the ground up with low-level optimizations to tap the full power of modern infrastructure

Shard per Core

To maximize server efficiency, each core acts independently as an isolated resource. All communication is async, without locking

Unified Cache

Our specialized cache provides the control needed to deliver ultra-low latency without an external cache

IO Scheduler

Our IO scheduler prioritizes latency-sensitive tasks for peak performance. It’s autotuned to maximize concurrency


Operate at a global scale with high availability, fewer nodes 
and reduced administration

High Availability

Ensure continuous operations with an active-active architecture and real-time replication

Scale Up and Out

Scale up to harness the power of modern hardware and outwards for seamless global distribution with linear scalability


Our low touch configuration and dynamic tuning ensures peak performance. Just set it and forget it

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User Stories

With ScyllaDB’s scalable NoSQL database at their core, industry leaders are delivering amazing real-time experiences at scale

Global distribution of game assets for Unreal Engine

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ScyllaDB's distributed database is monstrously fast + scalable

Start Fast. Scale Fearlessly.
Get started with ScyllaDB Cloud, the fastest and most affordable NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS). 

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