Predictable Performance at Scale

ScyllaDB’s close-to-the-metal architecture handles millions of ops/sec with predictable single-digit millisecond latencies.

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ScyllaDB Labs
Building High-Performance Apps
May 28

Free 2-hour virtual event with hands-on training. Join us for an interactive workshop where we’ll go hands-on to build and interact with high-performance apps using ScyllaDB.

ScyllaDB University LIVE
June 18

Join us for a half day of FREE instructor-led training. Choice of 2 tracks: beginners track on ScyllaDB Essentials and a track on Advanced Topics and Integrations.

Live Event
Oct 23-24

Obsessed with P99 percentiles, low-latency engineering, and performance optimizations? Join 1000s of your peers at P99 CONF: a free, highly-technical virtual conference.

Break Through Barriers to Scale with the Fastest Distributed Database

Frustrated with Cassandra?

Learn about your peers’ Apache Cassandra replacements

DynamoDB Costs Unsustainable?

Reduce TCO with improved performance + no vendor lock in

Struggling with MongoDB at Scale? 

Achieve performance at scale with a modern approach to NoSQL

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With ScyllaDB’s scalable NoSQL database at their core, industry leaders are delivering amazing real-time experiences at scale

Mobile device app management w/ 1.5M OPS

ScyllaDB's distributed database is monstrously fast + scalable

Start Fast. Scale Fearlessly.
Get started with ScyllaDB Cloud, the fastest and most affordable NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS). 

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