ScyllaDB Announces Comprehensive Support for Apache Kafka

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ScyllaDB NoSQL database introduces a source connector for Apache Kafka and Gold Certification on Confluent’s data in motion platform

PALO ALTO, CALIF.—June 16, 2021ScyllaDB, makers of the high-performance ScyllaDB NoSQL database, today announced deep integration with Apache Kafka® and Confluent. The new ScyllaDB Change Data Capture (CDC) Source Connector complements the previously released ScyllaDB Sink Connector, delivering complete, roundtrip read and write integration with Apache Kafka. The ScyllaDB CDC Source Connector is now available as open source software and has been Gold Certified by Confluent, whose cloud-native data in motion platform enables companies to connect applications around real-time streams.

Kafka streams have surpassed traditional batch processes to become a core component of event-driven architectures within the enterprise. Based on its support for high-throughput data streams, Kafka continues to be a catalyst for developer agility, accelerating time-to-market and enabling the transition from traditional monolithic to more modern, cloud-native applications.

Based on the Debezium framework, an open-source distributed platform for change data capture (CDC), ScyllaDB’s new source connector is highly scalable and fault-tolerant. Along with high throughput, the new connector also offers seamless schema migrations and topology changes through compatibility with Kafka Connect.

“The flood of events generated by modern applications is pushing traditional infrastructure beyond its limits,” said Tzach Livyatan, VP of Products at ScyllaDB. “Companies need a storage layer that can keep pace with the volume and velocity of event streams, in particular those supported by Kafka. ScyllaDB is a natural fit for these requirements. Our fully asynchronous, cloud-native architecture is uniquely suited to the demands of modern event streaming data architectures.”

Upcoming Webinar: June 17
On June 17 at 10 AM Pacific, representatives from ScyllaDB, Confluent and adtech pioneer Numberly will present a webinar on “Building Event Streaming Architectures on ScyllaDB and Confluent with Kafka,” including a discussion of the new connector. Please register here.

About ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB is the real-time big data database. It embraces a shared-nothing approach that increases throughput and storage capacity as much as 10X. Comcast, Discord, Grab, Medium, Starbucks, Ola Cabs, Samsung, IBM, Investing.com, Zillow and many more leading companies have adopted ScyllaDB to realize order-of-magnitude performance improvements and reduce hardware costs. ScyllaDB was founded by the team responsible for the KVM hypervisor and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, Wing Venture Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, TLV Partners, Magma Venture Partners, Western Digital Capital and Samsung Ventures and more. For more information: ScyllaDB.com.

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