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The Real-Time Big Data Database

Scale-up performance of 1,000,000s of OPS per node, scale-out to hundreds of nodes and 99% latency of <1 msec

The Scylla Advantage

scratch using C++ instead of Java to increase raw performance, better utilize modern multi-core servers and minimize the overhead to DevOps. Then we added our Alternator API, enabling you to run Amazon DynamoDB workloads anywhere and at a much lower cost.

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Innovative use cases, NoSQL best practices, Scylla internals, and more.

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Scylla is the Best NoSQL Database

Low-latency interactive viewing history at massive scale.

Instantaneous targeted video recommendations.

Real-time fraud detection, across daily 6,000,000 transactions.


The Fastest Distributed Database

Benefits of Using Scylla’s Big Data Database

A true NoSQL database for the most demanding applications

Low and Consistent Latency

Provides near-millisecond average latency and predictably low-single-digit P99 response times.

Always-On Availability

Automatic failover and replication across multiple nodes and data-centers makes for reliable fault tolerance.

10x Higher Throughput

Takes advantage of low-level Linux/C++ and modern async I/O methods to maximize IOPS.

Highly Scalable

Automatically shards per core across multiple nodes and datacenters, ensuring linear scalability.

Easy to Use

Same APIs as Apache Cassandra® and Amazon DynamoDB. Integrates with Spark and Kafka.

Community Backed

Open source database since day one. Scylla is backed by a growing community of contributors.

Compaction, Streaming & Repair Solved

Built-in schedulers keep overhead tasks in check so database performance remains smooth and reliable.

Optimum Total Cost of Ownership

Efficient utility of your hardware means you get the most of your big data infrastructure investment.

Auto Tuning

Fully automated setup needs zero manual configuration, and uses dynamic tuning to maintain optimal performance.