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Share Your Database Experiences and Insights at ScyllaDB Summit

Join the ranks of distinguished ScyllaDB Summit speakers like Discord, Disney+ Hotstar, Epic Games, Palo Alto Networks, ShareChat, Strava and more.

If you’ve tackled some interesting database challenges recently, we invite you to share your experiences and lessons learned at ScyllaDB Summit 2024. We just opened the call for speakers – so tell us about your ideas!

Become a ScyllaDB Summit Speaker

ScyllaDB Summit is a free + virtual event where a global community of database professionals – especially those obsessed with performance – gather to share strategies, learn from their peers, and discover the latest trends and innovations. If you’re selected to speak, you’ll join a rather impressive list of past speakers: Discord, Disney+ Hotstar, Zillow, Strava, Epic Games, ShareChat, Expedia, Palo Alto Networks, Ticketmaster… just to name a few.

What should you talk about? Here are some ideas:

  • What interesting distributed data challenges you’ve been tackling
  • How you’re using ScyllaDB (Open Source, Cloud, or Enterprise) to build something amazing
  • What best practices you’ve developed for working with high-throughput, low-latency applications – database and beyond
  • What technologies you’re using in concert with ScyllaDB, or how you’re extending ScyllaDB to meet your project’s specialized needs

We’d love to hear from new users as well as power users. The focus is on sharing authentic, technical experiences with your peers. What challenges were you wrestling with that prompted you to consider ScyllaDB? How else did you consider addressing the challenge? What path forward did you select, and why? How’s it going so far? What have you learned – and what’s next?

Also, note that talks don’t need to be specifically about ScyllaDB. For example, ScyllaDB Summit 23 featured broader distributed database talks such as:

  • The Consistency vs. Throughput Tradeoff in Distributed Databases
  • Everything in its Place: Putting Code and Data Where They Belong
  • Solving the Issue of Mysterious Database Benchmarking Results
  • The Trends that are Transforming Your Database Infrastructure Forever

Speaking slots are just 15-20 minutes, so consider it your TED Talk debut. 🙂 We welcome a broad range of speakers, including first-time speakers. If you’re selected, our team can help you craft a compelling presentation. It’s a great opportunity to share your insights and achievements with thousands of your peers – no travel required!

The conference is designed to be fully virtual and highly interactive. All sessions will be pre-recorded at your convenience; during the live conference, speakers focus on chatting with attendees, conference hosts, and fellow speakers. The deadline for submissions is October 20th. The event is February 14 and 15 (two half days).

For inspiration, take a look at the blog Dor Laor (ScyllaDB Co-Founder and CEO) wrote, sharing his key takeaways from ScyllaDB Summit 2023’s user talks.


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