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Key-Key-Value Store: Generic NoSQL Datastore with Tombstone Reduction and Automatic Partition Splitting

15 minutes
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In This NoSQL Presentation

Discord’s Senior Software Engineer, Stephen Ma, shares how Discord built a developer-friendly key-value service atop Scylla that hides many database-specific complexities from developers. Discord wanted to shield developers from having to be involved in database specific schema design and schema migrations while still providing powerful datastore primitives that support a broad set of developer needs. Their solution was a key-value store service that supports storing and querying entities stored as protobufs and identified by composite primary keys. The composite key consists of a parent ID and an entity ID and the service supports range scans of entity IDs within one parent ID. Their “Key-Key-Value Store” also safeguards developers against ScyllaDB performance complexities through a tombstone reduction mechanism and automatic splitting of large partitions.
ScyllaDB Summit 2023 Speaker – Stephen Ma, Discord, Senior Software Engineer

Stephen Ma, Senior Software Engineer, Discord

Stephen is a Senior Software Engineer on the persistence infrastructure team at Discord. He works on building and maintaining services on Discord’s Scylla clusters. He comes with 10 years experience in software engineering and is passionate about building highly scalable systems. Before Discord, he worked at LinkedIn’s media processing and serving infrastructure.