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What Technical Problems are Teams Solving with ScyllaDB NoSQL?

If you’re in the process of selecting a distributed database, you’re probably quite familiar with peer review sites like G2. These are independent forums where users share product feedback free from vendor influence.

But even if you’re not currently researching distributed databases, these sites have some interesting tidbits. For example, G2 prompts reviewers to share what technical problems they are solving with the product and how that’s benefiting them.

Here’s a quick look at some of the recent responses to that question for ScyllaDB. If you want to see more perspectives or take a deeper dive into the complete reviews, visit the G2 ScyllaDB page. Also – if you’re experienced using any flavor of ScyllaDB (open source, cloud, or enterprise), please consider sharing your own insights with the community. Your input not only helps your peers; it also influences our product strategy.


What Problems is ScyllaDB Solving and How is That Benefiting You?

Please note we are citing these G2 reviews verbatim; they were not edited for grammar.

“We are solving a significant issue of tech debt with ScyllaDB. We’ve migrated our event-driven architecture where we collect our user’s health stats and data through our platform that was written initially to a MongoDB store that was becoming an unwieldy monolith, to Scylla, which sped up our response times to customers when they wanted that data and also enabled us to store even more information robustly. We’ve unlocked ourselves from this monolithic architecture with Mongo to a highly extendable, modular platform with ScyllaDB providing the performance we need at the scale we want at the heart of it all!”

— Anonymous, Health, Wellness and Fitness

“We previously used Cassandra to back a natural language processing system, storing news articles and metadata for an IR frontend. We evaluated migrating to ScyllaDB and found it an absolute joy to work with. Creating the same schema was easy, and loading the snapshot from Cassandra to ScyllaDB made it really easy to move the data over without having to write one-off custom scripts. We wanted to obtain better read performance as well as reliability, and wanted to future-proof our solution. I think ScyllaDB has enabled us to be more productive in this way.”

— Anonymous, Newspaper Industry

“We have many devices streaming data to the cloud. On the flip side, we have many users querying device data to help run their businesses. With managed ScyllaDB, we focus on delivering value add apps and services for our customers. We know that writes will be consistent and queries fast. ScyllaDB has reliably managed infrastructure – securing and optimizing the cluster, and keeping us up to date.”

— Kevin J, Small Business


“I needed ScyllaDB for implementing a Video and Audio engineering codec repository so I could catalog videos and audios for my company, The main benefit is not being stuck to domain modelling like in a SQL database, which is mandatory when you are dealing with video and audio codec metadata.”

— Gustavo H. M. Silva, System Integration Engineer


“We are building a next-gen Customer Data Platform using ScyllaDB. Our use-cases vary widely from OLTP to OLAP to real-time data ingestions which we were able to satisfy using ScyllaDB.”

— Shubham P, Lead Software Engineer


“Storing time-series-like immutable events to be queried later on is incredible. Time Window Compaction Strategy works nicely for this workload. This enabled us to increase the TTL for our data, allowing for a more complete analysis when querying data while keeping low costs.”

— Rafael A, Software Engineer


“Heavy throughput on a 24/7 ecommerce application and ability to be a replacement for current in-production MongoDB. Reliability has been phenomenal as well, but is comparable on both.”

— Internal Consultant, Insurance Industry


“Working on projects to separate functions of a cloud ERP application that demand quick query and response. As a DBA I am evaluating the existing solutions on the market and ScyllaDB has been meeting the needs.”

— Lucas F, Database Administrator


“We are solving the need for reading/write latency on over 1TB of data in less than 5ms with ScyllaDB. Our main application needs to respond very quickly and we have used ScyllaDB to replace PostgreSQL and Redis. The benefits here are lower cloud costs and less complexity.”

— DBA, Marketing and Advertising Industry


“Using ScyllaDB, we are able to keep stateful processing in our data pipeline to update the data model in real-time. Earlier, we were using Redis where our cost was enormous. Using ScyllaDB we reduced our cost by 80%.”

— Priyansh M, SDE 2 (Data & Intelligence)


“We currently use it to store a lot of customer data associated with some of our game development and website apps. We require pretty quick and reliable connections due to the nature of our work.”

— Christopher F. A, President & Founder


“We have started off using NoSQL in many new application areas in production and POCs. The use cases are real-time data streaming and IoT. We experienced significant performance gains and cost benefits by switching to the ScyllaDB NoSQL setup.”

— DBA, Computer Software Industry


“We are collecting a lot of data from different sources like api’s, sensors or telemetry mostly unstructured data. since the data is in higher volume, we are ingesting data as it is in ScyllaDB.”

— Anonymous, Financial Services Industry


“I am currently building a streaming app and picked ScyllaDB to test how suitable it will be with storing streaming data. It is pretty neat with support for a wide range of APIs, which gives me the flexibility to build in my own space.”

— Amadou B, SQL Server Database Administrator


“We use ScyllaDB in our organization to generate reports. The time taken for report generation in ScyllaDB is significantly faster compared to MongoDB, which we are currently using as our main Production DB.”

— Harshavardhan K, AI and ML Engineer


“We are using this as an L1/L2 cache for a tier-1 demand service to serve content to our clients.”

— Anonymous, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Industry


“We are trying to improve the performance of the back-end system while using Janus graph for storing data in a graph structure.”

— Ganesh Kumar B, Director of Technology


“We mainly use the software to generate reports. It is also helpful for backups and restores, especially in operations equipment. ScyllaDB quickly restores to the latest version when a problem occurs. We can even access previous versions in our database without interrupting the workflow.”

— Maric S, Project Manager

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