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Scylla Open Source Release 3.1.3

Scylla Open Source Release Notes

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of Scylla Open Source 3.1.3, a bugfix release of the Scylla 3.1 stable branch. Scylla Open Source 3.1.3, like all past and future 3.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

Please note the latest stable Scylla release is 3.2.1, and 3.3 is in the RC phase.
Once 3.3 is released, we will stop support for the 3.1.x release.

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Issues fixed in this release

  • Stability: updates of MVs, for example after a node restart, can take too much IO resources from on-line requests, increasing their latency. #4615
  • Stability: User Defined Types (UDT) in columns with descending order may fail #4672
  • Stability: ALTER of a nested UDT will fail when user try to insert data into the new type #5049
  • Stability: running a mis formatted ALTER command on a UDT will cause a crush #4837
  • Stability: a graceful shutdown fais produce an an error when Tracing is on
    [with Service = tracing::tracing]: Assertion `local_is_initialized()’ #5243
  • Stability (ARM): possible Use-after-move in make_multishard_streaming_reader() #5419
  • CQL: error formats field name as a hex string instead of text #4841
  • Performance: Materialized views use scan readers for single-partition scans during read-before-write which causes read amplification #5418
  • Install: ubuntu/debian missing scyllatop files #5518
[1] Note: if and only if you installed a fresh Scylla 3.1.0, you must add the following line to scylla.yaml of each node before upgrading to 3.1.3:
enable_3_1_0_compatibility_mode: true

This is not relevant if your cluster was upgraded to 3.1.0 from an older version, or you are upgrading from or to any other Scylla releases, like 3.1.1.

If you have doubts, please contact us using the user mailing list.

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