Scylla Open Source Release 3.0.2

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Scylla Release

The Scylla team announces the release of Scylla Open Source 3.0.2, a bugfix release of the Scylla Open Source 3.0 stable branch. Scylla Open Source 3.0.2, like all past and future 3.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

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Issues solved in this release:

  • CQL: ALLOW FILTERING gave the wrong result when SELECT lists specific columns #4121
  • Hinted Handoff: in some cases, a subset of updates stored in the coordinator for HH were not sent, hence the data was only synchronized at the next repair. #4122
  • A large number of SSTables caused streaming to use the CPU for too long, causing stalls #4005
  • In some rare cases, during service stop, Scylla exited #4107

Tzach LivyatanAbout Tzach Livyatan

Tzach Livyatan has a B.A. and MSc in Computer Science (Technion, Summa Cum Laude), and has had a 15 year career in development, system engineering and product management. In the past he worked in the Telecom domain, focusing on carrier grade systems, signalling, policy and charging applications.

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