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Intel’s Memory Group on the Advantages of Scylla


The Intel Memory Group is behind the revolutionary Optane SSD drive that provides breakthrough performance and is 5-8x faster at Low Queue Depths than traditional SSD’s. Intel began working with ScyllaDB staff last year to build a big memory system at high-volume scale. They chose Scylla because they needed a solution that can fully leverage the hardware to derive the best possible performance.

The Intel team likes that Scylla is drop-in compatible with Apache Cassandra and didn’t require any changes to their applications. They also appreciate that Scylla optimizes workloads without manual user intervention or downtime.

“With Scylla you’ve got open source development methodology providing that very fast delivery so you’ve got the best of today’s worlds.”  Frank Ober, Solutions Architect, Intel

Watch the video below to see what Frank Ober of Intel has to share about his experience with Scylla.

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