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Easy Decision: Top Performance. High Availability. Zero Tuning.

"It is fast. We have started to get used to seeing latencies in the microseconds as opposed to milliseconds."

Henrik Johansson
Senior Developer, Eniro

"ScyllaDB’s NoSQL database offers a powerful combination of low latency and high availability, making it an attractive option for customers of our Watson Data Platform offering.”

Derek Schoettle, General Manager, IBM Watson Data Platform

"When we heard of a Cassandra drop-in-replacement we were skeptics. But very quickly we found it is all true—not only were the latency and GC issues completely gone, better hardware utilization allowed us to shrink the cluster size by half!"

Gabriel Mizrahi

"Compared to other distributed database management systems, Scylla allows us to run operations in a fraction of the time. As a result, we have kept our cluster healthy, our latency low, and our clients happy."

Noam Hasson
Big Data Team Leader, Kenshoo

"Thanks to Scylla’s superior performance over Cassandra we saved operational and capital costs. More than a year in production, Scylla is serving 600,000 requests per second."

FengLin (MengYe Shen), Mogujie

"We have observed a huge reduction in read latency by migrating from Cassandra to Scylla which enabled us to easily meet our SLAs.”

Andrew Katz
CTO & Founder, mParticle

"Scylla's low latency allows us to respond to real-time bids faster than ever before. We are already using Scylla on production on 3 different GCE regions, and plan to use it for more use cases soon."

Stéphane Dugelay
CTO, Mediarithmics

"Scylla reduced our latency to a level of single digit millisecond without changing a single line of code."

Terry Ma
Software Engineer,

"We have been using Scylla in production for around 5 months now. Some of our microservices have 99-tile latencies in the ~5 milliseconds, thanks to Scylla 🙂 We are getting great performance at a fraction of cost."

Soumya Simanta
Architect, Ola Cabs supplies a best-in-class marketing platform for publishers and advertisers and is the first provider of native content and native advertising to shift toward transacting on attention.

Compose, an IBM company, allows developers to get production-ready databases in minutes. Developers can choose the best OSS database technologies to power their applications and let Compose do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

"We have a 47-node cluster across 5 data centers. With ScyllaDB we were able to reduce hardware cost and achieve great throughput and latency. Had we used Apache Cassandra for the same use case, we estimated that the cluster would have been at least twice as large."

Andrew Sweeney, VP of Engineering at AppNexus

"In short, Scylla rocks....It does exactly what we need (distribute a Cassandra load) runs very fast, and allows us to generate reports against historical data without waiting a month. Still using it. Still going to use it. Love it."

Mac Smith
Linux Developer, CPI Card Group

Outbrain is the world’s largest content discovery platform, with over 557 million unique visitors and 250 billion personalized content recommendations every month. One of the key components of Outbrain content delivery path is the document database, holding 2 billion records.

"Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is highly sensitive to latency. Scylla's multi-region deployment provides the latency we need, combined with high throughput per node."

Eugene Yusim
Director of Engineering, Storygize

Building a platform means building an API to go with it and building an API means managing the keys to that API efficiently. Kirk Morales, CEO at Hyver, has used ScyllaDB to solve this tricky problem and in this Compose Write Stuff article, he shows how you can too.

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Getting started takes only a few minutes. Scylla has an installer for every major platform and is well documented. If you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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