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Pythian discusses how to get useful information from your database at ScyllaDB Summit 2017

I was pleased to sit down with John Shulz of Pythian to learn more about his upcoming talk at ScyllaDB Summit 2017. At ScyllaDB Summit 2017, participants will join NoSQL developers and users from start-ups and the enterprise for two days of sharing ideas, hearing innovating use cases, real-life tips and tricks, and more. Let’s begin the interview and learn more about what John will be presenting at the Summit.

Please tell us about yourself and what you do at Pythian?

My title is Principal Consultant. What I do is travel from customer to customer helping them to select the correct database technology for their needs. I also occasionally find myself helping out customers who have either made a bad choice or a good choice and still ran into trouble. I have been working with Apache Cassandra since version 0.7 in 2010.

What will you be talking about at ScyllaDB Summit 2017?

I will be comparing how one gets useful operational information from a popular open-source relational database like MySQL to how someone can get the same kinds of information from Apache Cassandra and ScyllaDB.

What type of audience will be interested in your talk?

Users of traditional relational databases who are thinking about using Apache Cassandra or ScyllaDB and want a handle on how to manage their cluster.

Can you please tell me more about your talk?

I will show how user can find useful information in the MySQL information and performance schemas and then showing how to get the same kinds of information from Apache Cassandra and ScyllaDB.

How can the people get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with me is through email.

Thank you very much, John. We can not wait to see your talk in person and learn more. If you want to attend ScyllaDB Summit 2017 and enjoy more talks like this one.

ScyllaDB Summit is taking place in San Francisco, CA on October 24-25. Check out the current agenda on our web site to learn about the rest of the talks—including technical talks from the ScyllaDB team, the ScyllaDB road map, and a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to get the most out of your ScyllaDB cluster.

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