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ScyllaDB Training at Samsung SDS

ScyllaDB training Samsung SDS

Recently, my colleague Nir Mayaan and I traveled to Samsung SDS in Seoul, South Korea for a 3-day training session. The classroom consisted of developers, operations, and DBA professionals learning about ScyllaDB and the best way to operate ScyllaDB in different environments.

Through both lectures and hands-on practice sessions, the classes started with the basics of NoSQL database and distributed systems considerations, and continued to data modeling, advanced data modeling, and analytics tools on-top of ScyllaDB.
The Samsung engineers are very experienced and showed extensive knowledge of NoSQL databases and specifically with ScyllaDB. It was pleasure to hear and discuss the high-level questions that they asked.

Visiting the facilities of Samsung SDS is an experience by itself – the R&D center is located in the Seocho district, next to the Yangjae Citizens’ forest. The facility is brand new and provides an excellent environment for training and collaborative workspace.

We are looking forward for additional training sessions at Samsung.

[ScyllaDB and Samsung teams bedecked in ScyllaDB sea monster t-shirts]
ScyllaDB and Samsung teams bedecked in ScyllaDB sea monster t-shirts

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