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ScyllaDB University LIVE July 2023: From Getting Started to Power User Strategies

ScyllaDB University LIVE is back in session at the end of this month (July 25, 2023)! Whether you’re just curious about ScyllaDB or an experienced user looking to optimize your deployment, this event is a fast and focused way to learn strategies for getting the most out of ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database.  It’s a free half-day virtual event, with instructor-led training sessions from our top ScyllaDB engineers and experts. As the name suggests, it’s truly live, so you can ask questions and interact with speakers and fellow attendees throughout the event.

You can mix and match sessions from two parallel tracks

  • ScyllaDB Essentials: ScyllaDB architecture, key components, and building your first ScyllaDB-powered app.
  • Advanced Topics and Integrations: Deep dives into cluster topology, migration strategies, and power user tips and tricks.

We’re excited to introduce lots of new content, including 3 new sessions in the Advanced track.


Don’t miss out! Sessions are live, and there will not be an on-demand equivalent, so mark your calendars to attend the live event.


I’ll start by welcoming you on the Main stage. I’ll give a quick overview of the different sessions and tell you more about what you can expect throughout the event.

Essentials Track Advanced  Track
Introduction to ScyllaDB

Learn how ScyllaDB works, assess if it’s a good fit for your use case, and see what’s involved in spinning up your first cluster and running some basic queries.

Multiple Workloads on a Single Cluster

Want to run multiple workloads on the same cluster? In this talk, you’ll learn how to use workload prioritization to achieve this without sacrificing latency or throughput.

ScyllaDB Basics

This session is a “bootcamp” for getting started with ScyllaDB. It covers best practices for NoSQL data modeling, selecting the right compaction strategy for your workload type, selecting and working with drivers, and more.

Migrating to ScyllaDB Cloud

Thinking about moving to a fully-managed database model? This talk explores the tradeoffs you should be thinking about as you plan your migration strategy – including many lessons learned from the field.

Build Your First ScyllaDB-Powered App

This session is a hands-on demonstration of how to create a full-stack app powered by ScyllaDB Cloud.

Power User Strategies

Learn advanced strategies that will help even experienced users get more out of ScyllaDB.

Following the training sessions, we will host an expert panel with special guests ready to answer your most pressing questions about NoSQL, ScyllaDB, and distributed data systems.

You’ll also be invited to complete quizzes, take our hands-on labs and receive certificates of completion (and exclusive ScyllaDB swag!).

Get Started on ScyllaDB University

We recommend that before the event, you complete the ScyllaDB Essentials course on ScyllaDB University to better understand ScyllaDB (the fastest distributed database) and how the technology works.

Hope to see you at ScyllaDB University LIVE!




About Guy Shtub

Head of Training: Guy is experienced in creating products that people love. Previously he co-founded two start-ups. Outside of the office, you can find him climbing, juggling and generally getting off the beaten path. Guy holds a B.SC. degree in Software Engineering from Ben Gurion University.