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ScyllaDB release: version 0.12

The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce the release of ScyllaDB version 0.12.

ScyllaDB is an open source, Cassandra-compatible NoSQL database, with superior performance and consistent low latency. This version is an incremental improvement release on the beta series, focused on stability and bug fixes.

Some of the noteworthy feature additions are:

  • query result paging
  • nodetool: netstats, describering
  • Update to the latest version of the Seastar framework
  • Update to the latest version of scylla-jmx

A full list of contributions is available on the ScyllaDB wiki.

ScyllaDB is on track for a GA release in January 2016. See the status page for complete feature and compatibility information.

ScyllaDB 0.12 is available as a binary distribution for Fedora, RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu, Amazon EC2 AMI or as Docker container. If you have any questions about the new release, please post to the scylladb-users mailing list.

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About ScyllaDB Team

ScyllaDB is the world’s fastest wide-column store database: the functionality of Apache Cassandra with the speed of a light key/value store.