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How Scylla Scaled to One Billion Rows a Second

Scylla is a highly scalable, highly performant NoSQL database. But just how fast can fast get? And what happens when you run it on a bare metal cloud like Packet? We set out to design a test that would showcase the combined abilities of Scylla as a database and Packet’s fastest instances.

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How to scan 475 million partitions 12x faster using efficient full table scan with Scylla 1.6

Efficient parallel full table scan

A parallel full table scan is faster! By running a traditional serial full table scan on 475 million partitions (screenshot 1) from one client with a single connection per node, Scylla achieves only 42,110 rows per second. However, by using an efficient, parallel full table scan (screenshot 2), Scylla single client scans 475 million partitions in 510,752 rows per second rate—12x faster!

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Efficient full table scans with Scylla 1.6

Introduction The most common operations with ScyllaDB are inserting, updating, and retrieving rows within a single partition: each operation specifies a single partition key, and the operation applies to that partition. While less commonly used, reads of all partitions, also known as full table scans are also useful, often in the context of data analytics. This post describes how to efficiently perform full table scans with ScyllaDB 1.6 and above.

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