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Scylla Open Source Release 3.2

Scylla Open Source Release Notes

Scylla Open Source 3.2 brings major new features including IPv6 support, CQL GROUP BY and LIKE operations, open range deletions, other CQL enhancements, Zstandard compression, and stability improvements. Scylla 3.2 also includes major new experimental features, like Lightweight Transactions (LWT). Change Data Capture (CDC) and an Amazon DynamoDB Compatible API

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Overheard at Scylla Summit 2019

The world’s leading Scylla practitioners gathered in San Francisco earlier this month to hear about the latest Scylla product developments and production deployments.

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Scylla Summit Sneak Peek: Consensus in Eventually Consistent Databases

In the run-up to Scylla Summit 2018, we’ll be featuring our speakers and providing sneak peeks at their presentations. In the expert track, ScyllaDB Software Engineer Duarte Nunes will host a talk Consensus in Eventually Consistent Databases. Duarte is based in sunny Lisbon, where he has recently taken up surfing. When not dealing with cranky compilers or inscrutable race conditions, he enjoys good literature and landscape photography. A true epicurean, there are few things he appreciates more than a bowl of Count Chocula. What was your evolution as a developer? How did you end up working on this project at […]

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