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Running Scylla on the DC/OS Distributed Operating System

What is DC/OS? From DC/OS (the datacenter operating system) is an open-source, distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel. DC/OS manages multiple machines in the cloud or on-premises from a single interface; deploys containers, distributed services, and legacy applications into those machines; and provides networking, service discovery and resource management to keep the services running and communicating with each other. Scylla on DC/OS A centralized management system is often used in modern data-centers, and lately the most popular and in-demand type of such a management system is centered around running and controlling containers at scale. […]

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Data Analytics with Elasticsearch and Scylla

Elasticsearch image

The combination of a database and full-text search analytics becomes unavoidable these days. In this blog post, I will demonstrate a simple way to analyze data from a database with analytics software by using Scylla and Elasticsearch together to perform a simple data mining exercise that gathers data from Twitter. This demonstration will use a series of Docker containers that will run a Scylla and Elasticsearch cluster and a Node.js app that will feed data from Twitter into both platforms. This demo can be run on a laptop or production Docker server. To get started, let’s go over the prerequisites […]

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ScyllaDB on LXC/LXD containers, with ZFS

This post first appeared in Brandon’s Blog. Brandon Lamb is Application Developer Lead on a team at Starbucks, primarily focused on Inventory Management System and Master Location Data. As part of a new side-project, I’ve been setting up some colocated servers instead of paying more for cloud. As part of this effort I need a database and thought it was time to explore a NoSQL option for it’s scalability, reliability and hopefully ease of replication, etc. In parallel, the same effort is happening for work so great timing. Cassandra has been on our list as the database selection, but I […]

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Scylla on Docker

This blog post is a short introduction on how to use the ScyllaDB Docker image to start up a Scylla node, access nodetool and cqlsh utilities, start a cluster of Scylla nodes, configure data volume for storage, and configure resource limits of the Docker container. For full documentation, see the image description on Docker Hub.

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