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Exploring How the Scylla Data Cache Works

In this post, we will explore how the Scylla data cache works and will compare the performance results to Cassandra and earlier Scylla releases.

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Reducing latency spikes by tuning the CPU scheduler

In this post we will walk through an investigation of latency spikes observed in the Scylla 1.0.x version family, which are linked to the scylla-jmx service running alongside the Scylla server on the same system. We will show how the scheduler can be tuned to reduce latency spikes. Scylla 1.2, which is at the release candidate stage this week, will have all relevant fixes. Users of that version won’t have to do anything. Scylla 1.2 is scheduled for release in about a week.

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Watching Scylla serving 1 Million operations per second

In this post we present more details about Scylla’s behavior during the benchmark behind these results.

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