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Scylla’s Approach to Improve Performance for CPU-bound workloads

A database like Scylla can be limited by the network, disk I/O or the processor. Which one it is often dynamic and depends on both the hardware configuration and the workload. The only way of dealing with that is to attempt to achieve good throughput and low latency regardless of what is the bottleneck. There are many things that can be done in each of these cases that range from high-level changes in the algorithms to very low-level tweaks. In this post, I am going to take a closer look at fairly recent changes to Scylla which improved the performance […]

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Scylla 1.7 introduces experimental support for counters

Counter write

Counters are a special type of column that allows its value to only be incremented, decremented, read or deleted. Updates to counters are atomic, which makes them a perfect solution for counting—something that is otherwise difficult to do efficiently.

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Large Partition Support in Scylla

Scylla 1.3 has introduced better support for large partitions. It is an important feature which simplifies data modeling so that it can be more focused on the client’s needs and less on the server limitations and ways to work around them. Moreover, issues related to large partitions are not just failed requests and server crashes caused by the node running out of memory, before reaching that point cluster may experience various performance problems, something much harder to diagnose.

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