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Introducing the ScyllaDB Community Forum

ScyllaDB’s community is growing faster than ever. From our experienced OSS sea monsters to the recent surge of users adopting ScyllaDB’s database-as-a-service offering, more and more teams are working with ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database, around the globe. ScyllaDB users have questions to ask and a ton of valuable experience to share. That’s why we’re taking our community-building to a new level with the ScyllaDB Community Forum.

Your participation counts – join, connect, and learn

The ScyllaDB Community Forum is an open platform where users can learn from one another’s experiences with ScyllaDB. We hope that the forum’s quick access to commonly-asked questions – plus its rich searchability – will make it even easier for you to get started with ScyllaDB, integrate with your evolving ecosystem and pipeline, and try it out with additional use cases within your organization.

The community forum is powered by you, our community. Please help make it a valuable place to share knowledge, skills, experience, and tips through ongoing discussion.

For example, the new community forum is a great place to:

  • Get quick access to the most common getting started questions
  • Troubleshoot any issues you come across
  • Engage in in-depth discussions about new features, configuration tradeoffs, and deployment options
  • Search the archives to see how your peers are setting up similar integrations (e.g., ScyllaDB + JanusGraph + Tinkerpop)
  • Propose a new topic for us to cover in ScyllaDB University
  • Share your perspective on a ScyllaDB blog, ask questions about on-demand videos, or tell us more about what types of resources your team is looking for
  • Engage with the community, share how you’re using ScyllaDB, what you learned along the way, and get ideas from your peers

To be clear, this is an additional channel that we’re hosting to help connect and foster our community. It is not replacing any of the other communication platforms that you might already be using. Specifically, it is NOT…

  • Designed for real-time chat
  • A means of accessing our 24/7 Enterprise Support
  • A replacement for the ScyllaDB-User Slack, which remains a great way to ask and answer quick questions (though not a great way to search through existing Q&A)

We love Slack, and we truly enjoy the interactions that occur on the ScyllaDB-User Slack. But as the ScyllaDB community grows, it’s all too easy for discussions to get buried – resulting in the same question being asked over and over again in slightly different ways. We hope that the community forum will help persist the most valuable ScyllaDB tips in a way that promotes easier discovery as well as deeper discussion.

A Quick Tour

Anyone can visit and browse the forum, but you need an account in order to post questions or comments. To get started, sign up at, create a profile, and share how you’re using ScyllaDB. Then, have a look around!

We started off by creating some core categories:

  • Knowledge Base: Topics for understanding and troubleshooting ScyllaDB. These are frequently asked questions and general topics.
  • ScyllaDB: For general questions related to ScyllaDB products. Topics include Troubleshooting, Benchmarks, Data modeling, Drivers, 3rd party integrations, etc.
  • Community: Have fun and engage with your fellow community members. Feel free to introduce yourself here, share how you’re using ScyllaDB, add feature requests, and provide feedback.
  • University and Training: Questions regarding specific ScyllaDB University courses, lessons, and training events.
  • Blog Posts: A place to discuss the latest blog posts.
  • Announcements: News and information related to products, the ScyllaDB community, events, webinars, and so on


Beyond browsing, you can search for something specific. And if a simple search returns too much information, fine tune it with the advanced search filters.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, go ahead and create a new topic.


Want to know right away when someone quotes your post, mentions your name, replies to your post, etc.? Just enable notifications and set the preferences to your liking.


The more you engage with the ScyllaDB community, the more badges you’ll earn. There might even be some swag giveaways for top badge holders in the near future. Stay tuned to the forum for updates.

Come Say Hello!

We hope that having a community forum will make it even easier for new and experienced sea monsters to connect and learn from one another. Be sure to visit and say hello!

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