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ScyllaDB Internal R&D Summit: Together to the Top

The last week of October was a fantastic time for ScyllaDB’s Research & Development team. The ScyllaDB developers from all over the world gathered in Tbilisi, the beautiful capital of Georgia, to share knowledge, learn from each other, and have fun together.

A Global Gathering

ScyllaDB is a remote-first company with a development team working in distributed locations around the globe. A strong company culture, effective communication, and shared values let us achieve our goals and develop our products smoothly and efficiently. Still, in-person events hold a special place in our hearts. Real-time discussions during technical sessions, eye-to-eye chatter during breaks, and hanging out after hours – that’s what we were missing when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020. That’s why, from now on, we’re planning to hold an R&D summit twice a year. Fingers crossed!

This year, over 50 ScyllaDB developers arrived in Tbilisi from different countries, such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Poland, Spain, and Sweden.

Learning, Sharing, and Planning

The summit was filled with technical sessions. If you think that sounds boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. Before the summit, everyone could send in their ideas for session topics. Next, the topics were put to a vote to make sure that the agenda was interesting and meaningful to all the participants. We chose a wide range of topics, including:

  • Future user-visible features
  • Future of ScyllaDB Cloud
  • ScyllaDB drivers
  • Raft consensus algorithm
  • Kubernetes
  • Serverless architecture
  • Distributed transactions in NoSQL

Each session was scheduled for 30 minutes. Here at ScyllaDB, we’re really good at punctuality, but this didn’t quite hold true for the Q&A parts of the summit sessions, which sometimes took longer than the presentation itself. 😊 That’s what happens when many people knowledgeable and passionate about the same subject meet in one room.

Together to the Top

While the technical sessions were an excellent opportunity to train our brains, the time came to train our muscles. The trip to the Caucasus Mountains was challenging, especially the hike to see the Gergeti Trinity Church, situated at an elevation of 2170 meters. But it was worth it! We were breathless when we reached the top – and not just because of the hard hike. It was the spectacular view and the magnificent Mount Kazbek that took our breath away.

On our way back to Tbilisi, after a company dinner, we had an opportunity to study the arcana of Georgian cuisine and winemaking. It was a hands-on workshop, which turned the ScyllaDB folks into khinkali and churchkhela masters. 😊

We could enjoy many other activities that let us bond together, immersed in the historical atmosphere of Tbilisi. Sightseeing tours, company dinners, and group activities (such as ScyllaDB lego building) helped us get to know each other better and genuinely feel that we all are one team that shares the same goals, attitudes, and values.

Want to Join our Team?

ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database, has a number of open positions directly in Israel and other locations (remote work).

Check out our complete list of the latest openings for developers and other positions on our Careers page.




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Anna Stuchlik is the lead Technical Writer at ScyllaDB. She has a decade of experience authoring documentation for application development and testing.