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Announcing ScyllaDB University LIVE,  Summer 2022

I’m happy to announce our upcoming ScyllaDB University LIVE Summer Session, taking place on Thursday, July 28th, 8AM-12PM PDT!


ScyllaDB University LIVE is a free, online, half-day, instructor-led training event with exclusive Scylla and NoSQL database content. I invite you to register now and save your spot.

We will have two parallel tracks: a beginners track focused on the basics of Scylla, and a track covering advanced topics such as best practices for CDC, Kafka, Kubernetes, Prepared Statements, and more.

Sessions will be run in parallel, so you can bounce back and forth between tracks or drop in for the sessions that interest you.  The sessions are conducted by some of our leading experts and engineers. They are live and interactive, and we welcome you to ask questions throughout the sessions. Following the training sessions, we will host an expert panel with special guests ready to answer your most pressing questions.

When choosing the topics for the different sessions, we chose a mix of some popular basic material for people new to Scylla, and advanced material, for experienced users that want to deepen their knowledge and see what’s new at the cutting edge of technology.

After the training sessions, you will have the opportunity to take accompanying ScyllaDB University courses to get some hands-on experience, complete quizzes, receive certificates of completion, and earn some exclusive swag.


I’ll start with a quick welcome talk, briefly describing the different sessions and receiving everyone. Afterward, we’ll host two parallel tracks of sessions.

Essentials Track Advanced  Track
ScyllaDB Essentials

Intro to Scylla, Basic concepts, Scylla Architecture, Hands-on Demo

Kafka and Change Data Capture (CDC)

What is CDC? Consuming data, Under the hood, Hands-on Example

ScyllaDB Basics

Basic Data Modeling, Definitions, Data Types, Primary Key Selection, Clustering key, Compaction, ScyllaDB Drivers, Overview

Running ScyllaDB on Kubernetes

ScyllaDB Operator, ScyllaDB Deployment, Alternator Deployment, Maintenance, Hands-on Demo, Recent Updates

Build Your First ScyllaDB-Powered App

This session is a hands-on example of how to create a full-stack app powered by Scylla Cloud and implement CRUD operations using NodeJS and Express.

Advanced Topics in ScyllaDB

Collections, UDT, MV, Secondary Index, Prepared Statements, Paging, Retries, Sizing, TTL, Troubleshooting


After the last two sessions, we’ll host a roundtable with our session presenters and some other leading experts that will be available to answer your questions.

Before the event, you can check out our free courses on ScyllaDB University. They are completely free and will allow you to better understand ScyllaDB and how the technology works.



About Guy Shtub

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