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ScyllaDB University LIVE – Spring 2022

The ScyllaDB University LIVE event is taking place next month. We will host the event on two consecutive days, each designed for a different time zone:

  • AMERICAS – Tuesday, March 22nd – 9AM-1PM PT | 12PM-4PM ET | 1PM-5PM BRT
  • EMEA and APAC – Wednesday, March 23rd – 8:00-12:00 UTC | 9AM-1PM CET | 1:30PM-5:30PM IST

It’s your chance to take a free half-day of online, instructor-led training from some of the leading engineers and experts. We’ll host two parallel tracks, an Essentials track for beginners and an Advanced Topics and Migrations track for people with previous experience.

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The topics covered in this event are ScyllaDB Essentials, ScyllaDB Basics, Your First ScyllaDB Application, Hands-on Migration to ScyllaDB Cloud, Best Practices in Highly Performant Applications, and Advanced Data Modeling. More details are below.

While the sessions are live and we will not have an on-demand version, the hands-on labs and slide decks presented will be available on ScyllaDB University right after the event. Users that complete the accompanying courses will also get a certificate of completion and some cool swag.

Bring any questions you have to the sessions. We aim to make them as interactive and engaging as possible. After the sessions, we’ll host a roundtable discussion where you’ll have a chance to network with your colleagues and ask our leading experts questions.

Detailed Agenda

  • ScyllaDB Essentials: This session covers an introduction to NoSQL and ScyllaDB, basic concepts, and architecture. You will also get an overview of ScyllaDB terminology, ScyllaDB components, data replication, consistency level, and the write and read paths. It includes two hands-on demos. You’ll see how easy it is to spin up a cluster with docker and perform some basic queries in the first one. In the second one, we’ll see what happens when we conduct operations in our cluster with different replication factors and consistency levels while simulating a situation where some of the nodes are down.
  • ScyllaDB Basics: This session will start with Basic Data Modeling, covering key concepts like the Partition Key and the Clustering key, Collections, how to use them and why they are important. It then discusses the ScyllaDB Drivers, how they can be used, and why they deliver better performance compared to non-ScyllaDB Drivers. Finally, the session covers Compaction, including an explanation of how it works, the different compaction strategies, and how you can choose the best compaction strategy based on your use case.
  • Build your first ScyllaDB Powered App: In this session, you’ll see an extensive hands-on example of how to develop your first application from scratch using ScyllaDB Cloud. The Git repository and different steps to run the lab yourself will be available on ScyllaDB University.
  • Hands-on Migration to ScyllaDB Cloud: In this talk, you’ll learn how to migrate from your existing database to ScyllaDB Cloud. The discussion starts with an overview of the different migration tools and options, online migrations, offline migrations, and the standard steps for each process. By the end of this talk, you’ll know the different migration options and when you should use each. The talk includes hands-on examples for migrating from Cassandra and from DynamoDB.
  • Best Practices in Highly Performant Applications: If you have some experience in creating NoSQL applications but want to learn how to do it better, then this session is for you. It starts with the ScyllaDB Shard Aware Drivers, what they are and why you should use them. Next, it touches on compaction strategies and how to choose the right one, paging, retries, common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
  • Advanced Data Modeling:  This talk covers advanced data modeling concepts like Materialized Views, TTL, Counters, Secondary Indexes, Lightweight Transactions. It also includes a hands-on example.

Get Started in ScyllaDB University

Before the event, and if you haven’t done so yet, we recommend you complete the ScyllaDB Essentials course on ScyllaDB University to better understand ScyllaDB and how the technology works.

Hope to see you at ScyllaDB University Live!

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