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ScyllaDB University Challenge Winners!

Out of the hundreds of people that participated in the Challenge, we have 5 winners:

  1. Dinnemeeda Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, “The courses offered in ScyllaDB University were easy to understand and I was able to start using ScyllaDB pretty quick.”
  2. Bhaskar Pandey, Big Data Analyst & Admin, “ScyllaDB is just amazing in NoSQL category. Using ScyllaDB, we are achieving great performance in our large environment. Also, ‘ScyllaDB University’ is a good initiative by the ScyllaDB team to spread knowledge. Content and explanation are good.”
  3. Felipe Móz, Natura, “With ScyllaDB, we’re seeing better performance, saving a lot of money, getting great support, and there’s no more JVM.” (read Natura’s full story)
  4. Rahul S. Gaikwad, FireEye, “I worked on various NoSQL databases, but I found ScyllaDB is the best NoSQL database storage backend because it is very easy, fast, cost-saving, robust, self-tuning with less administration and configuration. ScyllaDB University is a very good starting point to learn ScyllaDB. The courses are very informative and well explained. The best part is that it’s free and online which covers conceptual and hands-on knowledge.”
  5. James Caruana, RS2, “Compared to other database solutions, we found that ScyllaDB has great performance and the ScyllaDB team is very responsive and helpful.”

Thanks to all the participants, the earth is saved! Cool ScyllaDB T-shirts are on their way to you.

Check out more courses and join the #scylla-university channel on our Slack for more training related discussions.

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