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Scylla release: version 1.0.3

The Scylla team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla 1.0.3, a bug fixing release of Scylla 1.0 stable branch. 1.0.3, like all future 1.x.y releases is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrade.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. Deleted data may be resurrected following an import of data from Cassandra, or following a change in the number of cores used by Scylla (–smp parameter) #1181
  2. sstableloader was not installed as part of scylla tools #1209
  3. Java tool imported from Cassandra did not handle jdk minor version above 100 correctly, for example 1.7.XXX.100+ #1237

Get started with Scylla 1.0.3 here.
Please let us know if you encounter any problem.

Scylla 1.0.3 contributions

Avi Kivity (5):
      sstables: add delete_atomically(), for atomically deleting multiple sstables
      main: cancel pending atomic deletions on shutdown
      sstables: convert sstable::mark_for_deletion() to atomic deletion infrastructure
      db: delete compacted sstables atomically
      sstables: avoid long-duration smp calls in delete_atomically()

Calle Wilund (2):
      sstables: Fix compilation error on boost 1.55
      database.cc: Fix compilation error with boost 1.55

Pekka Enberg (3):
      Merge "Backport atomic sstable deletion to 1.0" from Avi
      dist/docker/redhat: Make sure image builds against latest Scylla
      release: prepare for 1.0.3

Raphael S. Carvalho (1):
      tests: fix use-after-free in sstable test


Calle Wilund (2):
      dist/ubuntu/debian/rules: Include scylla-tools.jar in installed jars
      dist/redhat/scylla-tools.spec.in: Include scylla-tools.jar

Eduard Tudenhoefner (1):
      Use -lt comparator for JVM patch version
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