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Case Study: IBM Compose Chooses ScyllaDB as Its Apache Cassandra Solution

By Keith Lohnes and David Pitera, Software Engineers, IBM

About IBM Compose

Compose, an IBM company, allows developers to get production-ready databases in minutes. Developers can choose the best OSS database technologies to power their systems and let Compose to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.


  • Enable database to end user that is high performing, highly available, and highly scalable
  • Deploy database on private network that is on-demand and lightweight
  • Database must run with one or more configurations


  • Node matching with a portal controlling outside
  • Scale deployments horizontally easily and cost effectively
  • Use Cassandra-friendly protocol and high availability


  • Out-of-the-box performance improvement to throughput and latency
  • Dramatic cost savings over customer’s existing hardware
  • Elimination of time-consuming management of Apache Cassandra workload tuning

To learn more about Compose and ScyllaDB, watch ‘Containing the Database’ by Nick Stott, Platform Engineer at Compose, an IBM Company.

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