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Faraday Future | Scylla and KairosDB in Smart Vehicle Diagnostics

Bin Wang, Senior Software Architect, Faraday FutureBrian Hawkins, Senior Engineer, Proofpoint

22:38December 18, 2018

KairosDB is an open-source time-series database that uses Scylla or Cassandra as a back-end datastore. Time-series databases are vital for a wide variety of use cases, from vehicle tracking to industrial applications, and from security to IoT. Brian Hawkins of Proofpoint wrote KairosDB. He will share his vision and experience in managing time-series data. Faraday Future uses KairosDB on Scylla as a time-series database, storing critical vehicle data in the cloud. Using RabbitMQ and Apache NiFi as an edge service, and Kafka as a message bus, the team built pipelines for smart diagnostics covering every vehicle in the fleet. Scylla is the only storage point in the system.

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