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Amdocs: Reinventing Customer Data Management on the Cloud for Modern Telecommunication Providers

Hili Shtein23 minutesFebruary 9, 2022

Near real-time data pipelines in the Telecommunication industry need to collect data from multiple source operational systems and transform them into an accessible unified data model. There is a dramatic increase in data volume, speed, and types of data and an increasing demand to minimize the lag of having the data available for Operation and Analytical data stores on the cloud. Amdocs' data pipelines process and transform billions of mobile subscriber events every day. Enabling this type of transformation requires a reliable DB engine that provides consistent low latency response time with high throughput to serve as data cache. In this talk, I'll provide a quick overview of the unique transformation process and the process for selecting our target architecture. I’ll review the considerations for the selection of our cache DB as well as the obstacles we had to overcome in the process. I will also share the benefits of the selection, and detail how we successfully integrated ScyllaDB into our Data Management platform.

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