New AWS Instances Perfect for ScyllaDB

Ken KrupaTzach Livyatan38 minutes

In this talk AWS’ Ken Krupa, Head of Specialized Solutions Architecture, will describe the architecture and capabilities of two new AWS EC2 instance types perfect for data-intensive storage and IO-heavy workloads like ScyllaDB: the Intel-based I4i and the Graviton2-based I4g series.

The Intel Xeon Ice Lake-based I4i series provides unparalleled raw horsepower for your most demanding workloads. Meanwhile, the Graviton2-powered I4g instances provide lower cost per storage on a power-efficient platform to deploy your cloud-native applications.

Ken will also describe the AWS Nitro SSD, a new form of high-speed NVMe storage with a Flash Translation Layer built with Nitro controllers, which powers both of these instance families.

ScyllaDB VP of Product Tzach Livyatan will then share benchmarking results showing how ScyllaDB behaves under load on these two instance types, providing maximum system utility and efficiency.

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