MongoDB vs ScyllaDB: Production Experience from Both Dev & Ops Standpoint

Alexys Jacob, Numberly40:14November 25, 2019

MongoDB has become the prominent NoSQL database engine and is now used for a wide variety of use cases because of its flexibility and ease of use for developers, while ScyllaDB, a C++ rewrite of Cassandra, provides benefits through its architectural approach, including getting rid of the JVM and a CPU-level design that gets the most out of your hardware thanks to a CPU level design.

Numberly has been using MongoDB for over a decade and ScyllaDB for over a year in production. The benefits of the ScyllaDB architecture allied to the Cassandra ecosystem fuel a rapid adoption in a very wide range of use cases: from real-time data pipelines and analytics batches processing to web applications database backend.

Learn the motivations of such an adoption trend and why it proves to be successful so far while outlining its limits and why MongoDB is still here to stay!

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