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Building Zeotap’s Privacy Compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) with ScyllaDB

Shubham PatilSafal Pandita20 minutes

Customer Data Platforms, commonly called CDPs, form an integral part of the marketing stack powering Zeotap's Adtech and Martech use-cases. The company offers a privacy-compliant CDP platform, and ScyllaDB is an integral part. Zeotap's CDP demands a mix of OLTP, OLAP, and real-time data ingestion, requiring a highly-performant store.

In this presentation, we share how ScyllaDB is powering our solution and why it's a great fit. We begin by describing our business use case and the challenges we were facing before moving to ScyllaDB. We then cover our technical use-cases and requirements for real-time and batch data ingestions. Then we delve into our data access patterns and describe our data model supporting all use cases simultaneously for ingress/egress. We explain how we are using ScyllaDB Migrator for our migration needs, then describe our multiregional, multi-tenant production setup for onboarding more than 130+ partners. Finally, we finish by sharing some of our learnings, performance benchmarks, and future plans.

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