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Making Ad Tech Work at Scale: MediaMath Innovates with Scylla

MediaMath Case Study Graphic

MediaMath plays a key role in the ad tech market by unifying a demand-side platform (DSP) and a data management platform (DMP). Learn how they use Scylla.

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Intel Optane and Scylla: In-memory Performance at a Lower Cost


Solving your performance problems with Intel Optane Organizations often face problems with their current database infrastructure regarding performance, data persistence, and cost. Some may use in-memory databases to help address performance concerns but they may run into data persistence issues. Sacrificing the integrity of your data is never a good tradeoff for performance. Also, more memory in a server will drive up costs. An ideal solution would provide the performance of an in-memory database without compromises on throughput, latency, and data persistence.

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mParticle shares their Journey from Apache Cassandra to Scylla at DB Month Meetup

mParticle and ScyllaDB attended The NoSQL & NewSQL Database Meetup at the AWS Loft in NYC. Yuan Ren from mParticle gave a nice presentation that explained their journey from Apache Cassandra to Scylla and how they process 50 billion monthly messages with full availability and performance.

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Monitoring Deep Dive: The best tools for the job and the metrics exported by Scylla

monitoring deep dive

Last month we gave a talk at Scylla Summit that described the caveats and best practices for monitoring a live Scylla cluster. Once the cluster is ready to serve your requests, you will need to monitor it to understand its performance characteristics, its overall health, and should anything go wrong, understand what was it was that upset the cluster’s behavior.

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Scylla Summit 2016 – It’s a Wrap!

It has been four weeks since the Scylla Summit and we’re still excited about it. The Summit was a big success and we had a packed room for our early workshop session – turns out a workshop right after Labor Day isn’t a bad idea after all!

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Analytics Show Time: Presto Powered by Scylla

Analytics Scylla Presto

Presto is a popular, open source, distributed ANSI SQL query engine. It is used to run ad-hoc, interactive analytic queries on many data sources including HDFS, S3, Cassandra, MySQL, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis and Scylla.

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How to implement a 10x faster Apache Cassandra: slides available

Nadav Har’El gave a detailed talk on the plans and design behind Scylla at the Generalist Engineer meetup in Tel Aviv. The talk covers the some details of the Seastar C++ framework behind Scylla.

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Video from Cassandra Summit 2015

If you missed Scylla at Apache Cassandra Summit 2015, the world’s largest gathering of Apache Cassandra users, we have good news for you.

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