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Word from the Top: An Update from Our CEO

ScyllaDB - The Real-Time Big Data Database

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve closed another round of funding for ScyllaDB. This latest round, which brings us to a total of $35M in funding, was preemptive. That is, we had an opportunity to secure it well in advance of actually needing it. We’re glad for the opportunity this has given us to work with new investor TLV Partners, to double down on Sales and Marketing, and to accelerate our answer to the growing demand for Scylla as a service. I’d like to take this opportunity to also share some of our recent successes and a glimpse of where […]

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ScyllaDB CEO Dor Laor on what’s next after the B round

Last week we announced a new round of funding for ScyllaDB. In this blog post I will explain where we are now and what to expect next. I invite you to read the funding announcement and news coverage to discover the list of VCs and partners who are putting their trust into Scylla and hear from our customer and users themselves. This round of funding will go towards expanding our database offering, growing the Scylla open source community, and adding features and functionality in our upcoming Scylla Enterprise release. We at ScyllaDB are becoming increasingly bullish about our database, Scylla. […]

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