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Scylla release: version 1.7

scylla release

The Scylla team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla 1.7, a production-ready Scylla minor release. Scylla is an open source NoSQL database compatible with Apache Cassandra, with superior performance and consistently low latency. From now on, critical bugs will be fixed in 1.7 and 1.6 release series only. If you are still using open source Scylla 1.5 or earlier release – you are encouraged to upgrade. We will continue to fix bugs and add features on the master branch toward 1.8 and beyond. 

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Scylla 1.7 introduces experimental support for counters

Counter write

Counters are a special type of column that allows its value to only be incremented, decremented, read or deleted. Updates to counters are atomic, which makes them a perfect solution for counting—something that is otherwise difficult to do efficiently.

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