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Deliver Highly Interactive, Interconnected Social Experiences

A new generation of infrastructure was invented so that social media platforms could deliver responsive, highly interactive user experiences. These platforms must operate across social graphs of billions, all while enabling people to connect and share a wide variety of multimedia content across multiple devices, augmented by geo-location, and geo-tagging, social engagement and more.

Advantages of Scylla


Real-time User Experience

Consistent performance and predictable low latencies help social media companies meet users’ unprecedented expectations for real-time interactions.

Predictable Performance at Scale

High throughput enables social media companies to withstand spiky workloads related to unforeseen events, viral posts, trending celebrities and influencers with disproportionate numbers of followers.

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Cross-regional Data Replication

Global distribution and geo-replication provides data resilience and high availability for international user communities.

Lower TCO

Optimal hardware utilization, minimal operational overhead, and support for heterogeneous workloads combine to deliver significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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Use Cases

User Profile

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Manage personal attributes, preferences, tags, and history for hundreds of millions of interconnected users, with consistent, reliable real-time performance.


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Deliver a superior user experience with real-time communications, faster connections and minimal lag as a result of low-latency database operations.

Location Tracking

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Build responsive social apps and games that incorporate location streams from user devices.

Media Assets

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Support high-performance storage of large binary objects, such as pictures, videos, and audio files.

Case Studies

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Scylla University

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