ScyllaDB NoSQL for
Financial Services

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Real-time Data Challenges in Banking, Finance and Investment Services

The FinTech revolution is intensifying competition across the financial services industry, driving companies to adopt digital-first, cloud-native architectures. As customers increasingly expect seamless, real-time user experiences, FinTech startups and financial service incumbents are adopting technologies that unlock the potential of NoSQL for financial transactions, and help them be more responsive to their customers.

Advantages of ScyllaDB NoSQL for
Financial Services

Real-time User Experience

Financial services applications perform in real-time at all times, supporting billions of data points, enabling superior customer experiences across online banking services and stock trading.

Predictable Performance at Scale

NoSQL databases for financial data allow for high throughput and predictable performance across large volumes of data for use cases such as customer 360, fraud detection and real-time analytics.

Cross-regional Data Replication

Cloud-native architecture supports cross-regional data replication with high availability and resilience for financial data, along with the freedom to deploy on a variety of hybrid topologies.

Lower TCO

NoSQL for FinTech minimizes operational overhead, DevOps-friendly automation, and significantly lower total cost of ownership for the competitive financial services market.

Financial Services NoSQL Use Cases

Mobile Payment

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Enable customers to instantly access and manage accounts, check balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, and more using NoSQL for financial transactions.

Portfolio Management

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Provide detailed portfolio information to investors, manage funds allocations, and provide planning tools such as intelligent investment recommendation engines.

Credit Scoring

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Leverage hybrid operational and analytics workloads to power real-time decision-making processes for credit applications.

Fraud Detection

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Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions and suspicious activity with real-time analytics and pattern detection.

Distributed Ledger

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Rely on a high-performance, geographically replicated persistence layer for distributed ledger solutions.

Financial Services NoSQL Case Studies