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ScyllaDB NoSQL for
AdTech and MarTech

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Delivering Relevant Content in Milliseconds

AdTech and MarTech companies recognize speed as a competitive advantage. To meet their stringent SLAs, AdTech platforms require single-digit-millisecond latencies to capture ad space during page loads. MarTech and AdTech services rely on real-time personalization engines that analyze and react to user preferences, behavior and geo-location.

Advantages of ScyllaDB NoSQL for
AdTech and MarTech


Real-time Bidding and Content Delivery

Ultra-fast response times and predictable low latencies ensure that strict SLAs for content delivery and real-time bidding are consistently met.

Predictable Performance at Scale

Support for high-volume requests with heavy reads and writes for use cases such as real-time bidding, ad targeting, and personalization engines.

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Cross-regional Data Replication

Cross-regional data replication puts data close to the customer, providing high availability and data resilience.

Lower TCO

Optimal hardware utilization, minimal operational overhead, and support for heterogeneous workloads combine to deliver significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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AdTech and MarTech NoSQL Use Cases

Real-time Bidding

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Win more of the available ad inventory when supported by a database that is consistently responsive in real-time, never slowed by latency spikes that plague other databases.

Precision Ad Targeting

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Serve ads at high volume based on impressions, revenue optimization, and campaign goals, rapidly determining the most engaging content for individual users and target audiences.

Highly Scalable Personalization Engine

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Create a tailored experience on each visit by analyzing demographic, behavioral, and geo-location data in real time.

Real-time Analytics

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Extract actionable insights from a sea of data to drive real-time decision-making.

Mobile Device Metadata Store

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Leverage a geo-distributed mobile device metadata store to improve customer conversion and retention.

User Behavior and Impressions

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Capture and analyze clickstreams in real time to understand sentiment, spot trends, and optimize campaigns.

Powerful Graph Backend

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Accelerate popular graph databases, such as JanusGraph, to benefit from high-performance data storage, powering queries across massive sets of edges and vertices.

Machine Learning

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Run operational and analytics workloads at high velocity against the same datasets on the same infrastructure.

AdTech and MarTech NoSQL Case Studies